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“An unexpected relationship will become permanent.”

Tthe message from inside the fortune cookie stared me in the face and I stared back, first at the broken cookie then at the scroll-type message within, and finally at the man seated opposite me on the table. Was it an omen, a premonition, or a warning for what lay ahead?

There were so many thoughts cramped up in my head in that instant of a second, that I was truly able to appreciate Bill Gates’ phrase “at the speed of thought”. It was the first time that we were out together and he looked terribly handsome as he sat there chuckling at what his fortune cookie said, completely oblivious to my state of mind at the time.

I’ve always been a superstitious person. I have a lucky pen, a money plant that I never dare to neglect, and a set routine that I never defer from, but treating a fortune cookie as a message from God was a bit much, even for me. For the moment I relegated the incident to the back of my mind and joined in his laughter.

As we sat in his car in the parking lot, just below my apartment, we chatted easily, neither of us wanting to break the momentum of a lovely evening by saying goodbye. I had the urge to lean over and kiss him on his cheek. I had the urge, but not the nerve. For all technical reasons, it was not a date. We were just two friends, out to dinner and I had no intention of spoiling that.

By the next afternoon, I knew I was falling in love, because I had completely lost my appetite and my interest in anyone or anything else. It had certainly been unexpected. Yet it was neither a relationship, nor did it have any chance of becoming permanent. What struck me with a jolt was that I wanted it to be. Continue Reading →

Wwhen I first saw him, he was dressed in a fancy green-turquoise coat with white rims and this  wild, sensual look in his deep blue eyes. He moved with elegance and strength: almost dancing, smooth like a panther. I could not take my eyes of him – he hypnotized me. Sometimes I try to copy him but fail childishly. He is so unique. Not only are his looks stunning, but also: his voice, his smile and his stillness. I love everything about him. He is so unpredictable: never boring, yet sincere and true to the bottom of his heart.

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“What did you do in college?” Chuck Willard asked. Martin Sullivan gave a wry grin. “I was a grade grubber. I really didn’t have much time for dates. All I could think of was the degree. Graduate school was even worse. I had the reputation of being a brilliant student. Actually, I had to work my tail off, and I didn’t have time for anything else.”

Chuck was a senior engineer in the Engineering Department and had been an enormous help to Martin during the six months that he had been working for the city. They had soon become friends, and Chuck had had him out to the Willard home several times. It was probably those visits that did more than anything else to convince Martin he was missing out on an important part of life.

Chuck and Louise had a comfortable home, two bright young children, and an obviously happy relationship. That was what Martin had decided he wanted once he had settled down securely in what promised to be a satisfying job.

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Oonce upon a time, at the edge of the sea, there was a rock, older than Time itself. Only The Unicorn used to go there: to watch the sea at sunset, and soothe his sadness with the song of the sea. He always arrived lonely, and as each night-time fell, he left even lonelier and sadder. Only the moonlight reflecting from his mythical horn lightened the darkness, and his sadness.

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Ddressed for an interview, Pearl was dismayed to find that the worn string threading the glass beads she had put on for good luck had broken scattering beads right on the steps of the building.

Picking them up would make her even later than she was already, due to a train delay. But pick them up she must, after all, they had sentimental value.
“Oh! Just knew something like this would happen. Today of all days when I’m late for what could have turned out to be my first job.”
“Let me help you. The beads are bright green and not hard to spot”
“Thanks I’d appreciate it. Never worn this necklace since I was left it when my gran died. I was always trying it on when visiting her as a child”

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“Good morning, Lou’s Bakery. How may I help you?”

Eileen Davis asked, dusting off some baking flour from her apron. It was just another day; one of the many Eileen had spent working at her aunt’s bakery. Eileen loved to bake but she wished one of the wedding cakes were her own.

Eeileen heard her aunt’s voice in her head. The statements she made had become a broken record. “Eileen, so many nice customers come into the bakery, don’t tell me all of them are married.” Aunt Louise was extremely old-fashioned. She truly believed she had Eileen’s best interests at heart. Eileen loved Aunt Louise dearly but she could be as subtle as a bullhorn. Eileen was in the midst of rolling out cookie dough when her aunt snapped her out of her reverie.

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“It was revealed to me many years ago with conclusive certainty that I was a fool and that I had always been a fool. Since then I have been as happy as any man has a right to be.” Alistair Sims 30th August ’76

Iihave recently embraced this quote of Mr. Sims and it has afforded me great comfort. I am now separated, after a long relationship, and have joined the multitudes of the unattached. The last time I was in this position, George Bush’s father was president and tattoos still meant you had served time in prison. Piercing was meant for the ears, now they are everywhere, it is much like the Earring Fairy has been cruising about the country since 1996, visiting young ladies in their sleep and causing them to awake with rings appearing in their bellybuttons.

There was also no Internet dating which has caused the genesis of this piece. Like so many of my peers, I have visited this cyber landscape with trepidation but also with hope. Being a parent, and having a career which occupies an inordinate amount of time, how can you meet other people? You place a singles ad online and try to get the essence of yourself in 2 paragraphs with a photo. Then you begin the laborious task of looking through other profiles, seeking those that strike some interest and ask them to look at your profile then respond and so the cycle starts.

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Oonce upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her beauty was so great, that each day all of the people of her village would bring flowers and lay them on her doorstep. They would come to gaze upon her loveliness and she would sing them beautiful songs, from high up on her balcony.

She was the village treasure, and they cherished and loved her, but the people knew that someday her prince would come and take the princess away. He would love her like no other could love her, and they would live happily ever after, in his palace, far away.

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Tthey both knew, from the start, that their love was impossible; that a day would come when they would have to say ‘Good-bye’.

On Christmas Eve, they decided that their relationship, as beautiful as an angel’s love story, should end with the dying year. He would have liked to have spent all of their days together, but she decided it was better to leave.

“The New Year should find us in our new lives, where we will miss each other” she said.

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Wwhen Ava awoke, a pair of sappy, wet eyes stared at her. Ava rolled onto her stomach, grimacing as she turned over stony ground. Ava tried to stand and when she straightened her stiff body she realized the eyes that stared at her belonged to a donkey. He was skinny and curious, and edged closer to Ava. Laboriously, Ava reached out for the donkey and scratched his ears.

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