February 2004

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Ssimplicity is not what it is supposed to be!

It seems the most menial of tasks not only take the most time, they can make you feel like you need professional help for ever believing they could be easy.

My wife asked me to pick up a new set of wiper blades the other day because the ones on her car barely made it through the last winter. I went to the nearest auto supply store to buy the wiper blades for a 2002 Toyota Camry. I might as well have gone on a search for the Holy Grail!

The book of wiper blades, yes I did say book, was hanging from a rack that held what I assumed to be every windshield wiper that been built since the days before cars had windshields. The numbers ranged from A-1 to ZZ’b-287C. After about an hour of attempting to figure out what number would fit my car, a young man aged about three came over and figured out which replacement wiper I should bring home.

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