April 2004

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Tthe older I get the more I realize the ageing process has a tendency to shorten the length of the nerve that connects the brain to the mouth. In fact, the older one gets this nerve sometimes has a tendency to literally disappear.

The other day I walked into a group of colleagues talking about something I had nothing to do with. As to why I did this I don’t know but it was a choice between interrupting a conversation or going back to my desk in order to get some work done. As I listened I noticed one of the people in the conversation had a rather large mole growing on her face.

Since my room was at the opposite side of the school I rarely saw this individual. Instead of ignoring the mole I asked what the heck it was on her face. Needless to say this stopped all conversation, at which time the little group left attempting to console the woman who looked like she wanted to commit suicide.

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Wwhy are we always afraid of something new especially when we get older? I used to laugh at my parents after they got upset with me because of the new 8-track player in my car.

They were afraid it would take my mind off driving and thus get in an accident. I tried to explain there was little difference between the player and the radio. My father disagreed because there was talking on the radio that would somehow wake me up. I tried to explain to him that this is what put us to sleep but in those days one was only allowed a few seconds of argument. Times change but they don’t change much.

The other day I overheard a few of my colleagues talking about how they thought it would be a good idea to ban the use of I-pods in the school. Their reasoning was that the study that is going on today about how the ear pieces direct the sound onto the ear drum and thus has the capacity to cause damage. I butted into their conversation by stating that instead of outlawing the use of the I-pod we should teach our students how to use it.

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