April 2005

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Ii was talking to a colleague the other day about how education policies are driving many great veteran teachers out because they can no longer cope with the bureaucracy that is strangling a profession they have always loved and thought important.

She then told me this evolution was probably good because it allowed new blood into our profession. She ended her response by stating it is sometimes good to make lemons out of lemonade. She then quickly tried to correct her statement but I told her the original comment was very true. Walking back to my room I started to think about other instances when situations sounded remarkably good only to turn out to be remarkably bad.

Since I am a teacher the first program I thought of was the ‘No Child Left Behind’ education program our nation instituted five years ago. How could a name like ‘No Child Left Behind’ be a bad thing?¬†Five years after the program started our education system is being buried in testing, data collecting, impossible standards that will drive most of our schools into failure, and the possibility our public education system that is still the envy of the world may just cease to exist. As I stated before many of our best teachers are being driven from their profession because of this program.

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