May 2007

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Wwebster defines the word ‘team’ as, “a number of persons associated in work or activity.” Corporate America or anyone working in public service stretched this term out to mean how their workforce should handle the problems and opportunities of their day.

In other words the term ‘team’ is a philosophy all workers should have when they go about the duties of their day. But, is this a good thing? The best way to answer this question is to look at some famous teams throughout history. I guess the most famous would be The Roman Empire. They decided the best way to handle conquering the world was to put everyone on their team in similar uniforms, get rid of anyone who disagreed with what the team stood for, and then force the rest of the world to either join their team or, well die.

This worked for awhile but the basic problem with a team is everyone wants to be the captain. If this doesn’t happen by the team rules the team is basically broken. In this case assassination was the most probable way of breaking the rule. The Roman Empire demonstrated the longer a team lasts the weaker it gets. I believe this is because everyone on the team is more interested in going along with the status quo instead of trying to change certain things and make the team better.

Ssince any variance away from team policies in the Roman Empire would lead to death I find it hard to blame anyone for not wanting to go along with the crowd. As we all know The Roman Empire is no longer but the team concept of their ancestors lives on in organizations like the Mafia and most large labor organizations.

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