February 2008

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Iiabsolutely adore waking up early in the morning because the spring air is always fresh and filled with the sounds of life. The birds fill the trees with their song and the bulbs of summer have sprouted long green shoots, promising imminent vistas of color and beauty. Even my lawn has bounced back from its glacial overcoat and turned from a freezer-burnt brown to a fresh new green.

Except for a little round patch that seems to be a hold out from the big chill of the winter just passed. I’m sure I can fix this with just a little fertilizer, I thought to myself. Then, a funny thing happened when I went out to get in my truck to go and got the fertilizer. As I walked past the brown circle on my lawn I thought I heard the sound of chewing. Since it was early in the morning and I was the only one around I thought my imagination must have been getting the better of me. When I returned home I noticed that the little circle of brown had doubled in size. Now I was worried.

I walked over to the growing brown spot on my lawn to see if I could figure out what the problem was. At first I thought it must be a favorite spot for the neighborhood dogs to do their business. But, why would it grow? Were the dogs bringing friends from other neighborhoods to have a round table discussion in order to figure out the problems of the canine world? As I contemplated this scenario I once again thought I heard the sound of chewing. Looking around I saw nothing that could have produced the sound.

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