April 2010

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Aactually, I should say shower. My daughter is having her second child in about a week and my wife and I will be blessed with our first grandson.

We already have the most adorable 4-year old granddaughter on the entire planet but a perfect pair would make our lives almost perfect. I say almost because we first have to survive a baby shower, or as my daughter corrects me, sprinkle that is going to take place very soon. This sounds like an easy task but for the past week, hell I would say the last month, my wife has been planning to create remarkable memories on this day from the food to decorating the house to look like Pixie Hallow.

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Tthere are two major purchases we make in life that change what we are or try to represent. The most expensive of these purchases has to do with our home, some of us do this many times while others, like me, do it once or twice.

The second purchase that defines who we are is the purchase of an automobile. A few weeks ago I bought my third Toyota Tacoma. I really didn’t buy it because I leased it. This is a good thing for me because I don’t put on a lot of miles and after the lease time I never have to pay for going over the mileage limit. Plus it allows me to have a new truck every four years and not have to worry about replacement tires or repairs. While I was waiting for the paperwork to be completed I started to think about all the cars I had in my life.

I also related the cars to what I was during that specific time of my existence. The first car I remember owning was a pale yellow 1961, Ford Fairlane. I actually didn’t own it but took it over from my mother during the latter part of my high school career. It was a great car. It had wide fins and chrome that made it look like a space ship. When I started driving it the car was pristine. After a year it degraded into a beat up old manure box of rusting steel.

I guess this is what happens when one is given a car instead of having to pay for it. The inside of the car looked worse than the outside. I remember a time my father had to borrow it to go to the store. I forgot to tell him a 2×4 was holding the seat in place. My father pulled it out and was immediately lying down looking at the ceiling of the car. This would not have been a problem if he wasn’t driving down the road. I am happy to say no one was hurt but for the rest of my life he reminds me of this particular time of my life.

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