May 2010

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Iihave always been proud of my students. As a teacher for over a quarter I have watched thousands of talented young men and women work hard to become major contributors of their generation. I guess this is why teachers become teachers.

I also agree there should be specific competencies our students should master before they are promoted to the next stage of their education. But, I do not believe in the governmental policies of today concerning public education. Many believe I am a dinosaur and should retire into the tar pit because of my refusal to sign in on the too many policies of ‘No Child Left Behind.” Maybe they are correct but before I go I have to defend the very reasons why I decided to become a teacher in the first place.

I have never been a fan of standardized tests but realize this is an important part of our public education system in order to make sure all our children have similar competencies when they graduate high school. However, like most bureaucracies, ‘The No Child Left Behind” education reform is getting out of hand and by doing this is losing any of the effectiveness it promised.

For the next few months many of our children will be suffering through these standardized tests calibrating data in order to see if they received a good education. As a teacher I am perpetually checking to see if my students understand what I am trying to teach them. In doing this I clearly understand they are not all the same.

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