May 2011

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Mmy wife and I were having a great evening. I actually got out of work early so we could complete some errands in order to prepare for my daughter’s first wedding anniversary.

The night before we studied the wedding disc we were given by my daughter’s friend / photographer in order to build a small wedding album as a gift. It was also a bit of an award for surviving her first year of marriage. The night was going as planned. We purchased the album and had it engraved.

We then went to our local Wal-Mart in order to make prints from the disc we created the night before. Trying to make a decision of which machine to use I was fortunate to be standing next to a person who had a clue as to what to do. He told me I could either use the yellow Kodak machine that would spit out the photos as I chose them or I could have the whole disc copied by using a green machine with a foreign name and pick up the pictures within the hour.

Standing behind the counter was an individual who worked the machine that would print my images. I asked him a few questions in order to not print 118 white images and he assured me all was well. A bit giddy, my wife and I decided to grab some dinner at a new steak restaurant that just opened down the road. The night was going beautifully.

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