January 2012

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Iit was that time of year again. The sun was getting warmer and what little snow we had was no more than a memory. I pulled both of my cars out of the garage so that I could find and clean my garden tools that had been hibernating for the past eight months.

To my surprise everything that was mechanical worked and those that were left were remarkably unbroken. I picked up my shovel, hoe, and rake, and off to the garden I went. The garden looked as though it was asleep. Nothing was growing, not even a weed. Last fall I covered it with a thick coat of leaves and grass-clippings hoping the long winter months would saturate it with natural fertilizers. For the first time in months I stepped on its moist surface ready to turn its soil in order to begin the process of growth.

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Sso it’s been eight months and I am on the scene again! Eight months of sulking and self-pity and now I am ready to play ‘The Game’ – again! I did something that I last did when I was fourteen: I joined the gym.

Actually the gym gave me a three-month trial (maybe they knew) and I graciously (in other words ‘very offendedly’) accepted. I comforted myself with the thought that it is all part of The Plan: new look; new social life and in general, actually, just a life. I have been sitting at home every Friday night for the past eight months, (including New Year’s Eve, when I fell asleep at 17 minutes past eight).

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