November 2012

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Ii just couldn’t do it! I just couldn’t express what I was feeling in words. I knew everyone of those people who were condemned to die. I didn’t know their faces, or their names, but I knew them all.

They were husbands and wives of families working to make the people they were responsible for, safe and comfortable. They were the children of families whose hard work and perseverance made them and their families proud. They were the grandparents who were almost ready to live out their lives, doing something they had dreamed they could do.

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Tthe newspapers are filled with things to do, for the people who vacation on the coasts of New Hampshire and Maine. From concerts to sand sculpturing, from beauty contests to fireworks, people are informed that there is an incredible amount to do during this time of year.

In fact, one feels compelled to be perpetually busy on his, or her, coastal vacation. What is never advertised is the ability to do nothing! Webster defines ‘nothing’ as being, “no thing, no part, one of no interest, value, or importance.”

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