April 2013

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I’m a 33 year-old single mother of one child, Patrick, who turned five just last month.

Since his third Christmas, I’ve told him that its true meaning is to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Having spoken often to Patrick about God, the concept is not alien to him. I’ve explained that Santa is not just ‘a jolly old man’ in red clothes with a fat belly and long white beard, he is God’s special helper.

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Wwhen I was young the one thing I remember about going to the movies were the long lines that wrapped around an old brick building with people waiting to buy tickets from an elderly man in a tuxedo.

He sat in a small ticket booth separating two entrances that led into a large lobby filled with giant posters of movies to come. Another thing I remember is the sound the machine made that spewed out the tickets after I gave him my 50 or 75 cent admission price. I clearly remember that sound because it was associated with something I looked forward to. Whew, that was one long memory.

Now add looking up at rusted old bars covering a window on the side of the building wondering how they became curved. One afternoon, while waiting patiently in line, an older gentleman told me the bars were bent by Superman. I was awed and wished I was there to watch the caped crusader bend the bars so he wouldn’t have to wait in line. I guess you could call this a second in time that won’t be forgotten: now if I could only remember where I put my glasses!

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Aall I could do was stare straight ahead. There was nothing interesting in front of me because at the time I was sitting in the unfinished part of my basement. A laundry room filled with a washer, dryer, and kitty-litter box did not have the capacity to activate my imagination, but it was my time to get a haircut. My wife had finally cornered me into doing something I sincerely hate to do. Sitting on an old folding chair and being wrapped in a plastic apron that increased one’s body heat and sweat, I started to think about other things in life that I absolutely hated to do.

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Mmy God, I am addicted. I never thought I would say this but it is now crystal clear this is exactly what I am. I wake up in the morning yearning to start my day by doing this.

Then during every one of my days I am perpetually looking for the means and the ways of continuing my addiction. When I get home I fly up to my office to continue to do what I’ve been doing throughout the day until the very hour I am forced to go to bed. But, before I do I catch one last time to attempt to satisfy my growing compulsion. My wife calls it Dolores and I am beginning to think she is right.

Innocently I bought my first computer almost a quarter century ago. I even remember its name. It was a Commodore-64. I thought it was cool I could hook it up to a small black and white television set and take control of what I wanted to see. I clearly remember setting it up on top of my bar in my first home. I also remember the excitement of hooking up all of the wires and connecting a large rectangular piece of plastic onto the back of the TV that would normally hold the antenna. What excited me most was when I turned the button on it actually worked.

I had visions of becoming a great computer whiz producing programs that would astound everyone to the point of considering me the new giant of the computer world. For the next couple of minutes I stared at the perfectly squared plot of light blinking on the upper left hand corner of the TV. After that got a bit old I placed my hand on the keyboard hoping something would happen when I pushed on its keys. Again I was astounded because little light filled letters following the blinking white square of light.

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I am told the Internet was organized and developed by our nation’s defense department. The defense department did this to speed up their communication and thus become more efficient.

I assume the idea was OK but when the Internet hit the general public all it did was make everyone less efficient. Before the wonderful world of the Internet when one wanted to communicate with someone they would either write a letter or call them on the phone. If the communication was not that important and did not need an instantaneous answer the letter was the better of the two.

Actually it was a lot more personal and took a lot more time. If one needed to get in touch with someone immediately the telephone was the way to go. It seems in today’s world everyone has to get to everyone right away. The concept of waiting for anything went the way of tuning up one’s own car. Early on the Internet did not do well. This was because the computers and on-line services were expensive.

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Ssince I have never been a fan of any type of “reality” show on television, and the reality of the war is much more disturbing than any show, my wife and I decided to buy a ‘pay-for-view’ movie from our cable company.

We chose a light comedy, pushed the appropriate buttons on our remote and waited for some idiotic entertainment that was as far away from our present reality as possible. After a few seconds a notice appeared saying there was some technical difficulty and that we would have to wait for the movie.

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