April 2015

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Iiwas mesmerized by the image of a robin perched on the rung of an arbor I had built around a bird bath in order to display the flowers I had planted right after the ground allowed me to do so. It was early in the evening right before the sun decided it had enough of the day.

The robin sat motionless staring into the dimming orb of light contemplating nothing more important than itself. Or at least I thought it was doing so. I had just finished what I considered a lousy day. Hell, I had just finished up a lousy month. Every time I attempted to get ahead financially some necessity in my life increased in price. The more I attempted to relax the more I was forced to speed my life up.

In my youth this wouldn’t have bothered me because the definition of being young was living hard and fast not caring what the future would bring because the future was too far away. But, now that I see what time is going to give me I find it more important to prepare myself and my family for what living too long is going to deliver.

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In my dreams we meet, you and I
beneath a cloudless deep blue sky.
The meadow flowers here abound
and rich green grass lies all around.

This is a perfect, halcyon place
To greet you love – warmly embrace.
We linger here beneath the sun
our hearts and souls joining as one.

For hours we talk, our souls we bare
as everything we gladly share.
And we express our deep, true love –
but stormy clouds loom up above.

It’s getting dark, it’s hard to see,
I sense you drift away from me.
The air grows cold, what is my fate?
I awake now – sad and desolate.

By Jean M. Lewis©
Copyrights reserved Jean M. Lewis May 2000