May 2015

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Ii found out the other day there are certain things one shouldn’t do at 56 years old. OK, there are a few things that are quite obvious.

I should stay away from running in the Boston Marathon, enlisting in the marines, building a new house by myself, and of course the ever popular starting a new family. I added a new chore the other day after my father called me and asked if I could remove what was left of an old ‘burning bush’ my younger brother detached the other day.

The concept of removing a bush from the front of my father’s driveway seemed to be do-able. The only question was why my brother didn’t remove it with the rest of the plant. When I arrived at my parent’s home I found out why. A bush by definition is a shrub. A shrub by definition is a low several stemmed wooden plant. I am quoting Mr. Webster with this definition.

The concept of removing a shrub did not seem like a problem. That was until I arrived at my folk’s home and saw what he wanted me to remove. A giant sequoia should be lucky enough to have such a stump. It had to be at least a foot in diameter with multiple branches coming out of it that once held the rest of the plant. Standing in front of what I was asked to remove I imagined my hands around my brother’s neck because he left me with the back breaking task.

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Iiwatched as my wife put all her energy into scraping what looked like a white crust around a round wheel of brie cheese. She held it on its side on the cutting board.

She carefully used a cheese knife to peel away the white covering over a manila-colored soft cheese that is by far one of my favorites. I went over to ask if I could help and she gave me a look that told me to get away because she didn’t want to spend the afternoon cleaning up my blood off the kitchen floor. Knowing she was correct as usual I backed off and watched as she did her magic.

The reason for the scraping of the brie was we were having a few people over before we went out for dinner. Now this meant my wife would prepare some of the tastiest appetizers on the face of the planet. These little morsels of food usually tasted better then any of the food we would order out at the restaurant. In fact, the appetizers were so good it was difficult to order more then a small salad at the restaurant.

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