July 2015

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Throughout history the protection of our society and environment has never been a top priority for business. Yet, in the past few months I’ve read multiple articles describing the horrors of plastic grocery bags and how we have to eliminate their use.

I understand the pollution caused by these bags is dangerous to our environment. What I can’t understand is why large retail chains want to eliminate them instead of changing the way they are produced.

This solution would be a cost for the business even though it would help the environment. Why would a large business cost itself an expense when it could simply put that expense on their customers? The comical part of this argument is these same customers are demanding the change.

One doesn’t have to go far back into our history to see similarities between how business react to changes that help our society. Chrysler Corporation fought against the use of seat belts, the warnings about global warming have been around for quite a while now.

Indeed, the possibility of carbon dioxide accumulation changing the climate of the planet was raised back in the 19th century, although it was only during the 1960s that significant numbers of scientists began trying to discover whether it was really happening. Continue Reading →

Sometimes I think I have too much time, especially during the summer months. On this particular afternoon sitting in my dilapidated beach chair, I started to wonder what the face of God must look like. The first thing I thought about was the story of the Shroud of Jesus.

The Shroud of Turin, a 14-foot cloth in which many believe Jesus Christ was buried, may be the most studied artifact in history–and the most controversial. Carbon-dating has it only 400 years old. The faithful do not believe in anything that has to do with science. The question should be what would the face of any God look like?

What do we as a global society believe God looks like? Let’s start with what I know, which, by the way, is very little. Ask any child taking Sunday school lessons and they will tell you he is very old, has long white hair and beard, and wears a white robe and sandals.

Actually that is the exact description my catechism teacher told me. Many believe God is a giant hand coming down from the heavens or a towering figure of enormous size. This is a bit odd since Genesis states that we were all made in God’s image. So, why shouldn’t we all look the same? Continue Reading →