August 2015

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The new school year is approaching. I know this because a few days ago I saw my first “Going Back to School Sale” being advertised on television.

Many families are now seen scurrying through malls shopping for school dress and supplies. It is a scene I’ve been part of for over three decades. Schools are also getting ready for the influx of students with dreams of becoming anything they want to become.

Winding through the malls hoping to find the perfect pair of socks, I overheard a group of people talking about how expensive schools are today and they are filled with people who abuse the system and take multiple long vacations. One of the people stated he could tell who was a teacher by what they were wearing.

Looking down at my flowered yellow combination bathing suit, shorts, and pajamas I wanted to find a barrier to hide behind. Then the classic comment about teaching was proudly expressed. “Those who can do and those who can’t teach.

I’ve heard this statement for well over 30 years and it still aggravates the hell out of me. Don’t people realize that those who can do because they were taught how too?

I am saddened to say today is a bit different from past years because the emphasis is no longer on the success of our students dreams but rather surrounded by a demand that “Common Core Standards” be followed.

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That little bastard!

The outside is so much larger than inside anyone’s house. I don’t understand why anything would want to intrude into an area that was not meant for them. There is more food outside and the air is fresher so what makes any life form want to go someplace they are not wanted.

I know the buzzing little creature will drive both my wife and I nuts. This is also the reason why I now sit in a chair in my living room waiting for the flying S.O.B. to land in a place so I can remove it from the face of the Earth. So, what does one think about as the fly travels at a speed that far surpasses any chance of catching him in the air?

I start to wonder why I am beginning to hate the heat. A few months ago I was struggling to push my snow blower through my driveway in order to be able to free myself from my home. It was so damn cold. I was also convinced that there would be snow piles left through the month of July. It is now July and all I can think about is how damn hot it is.

I begin to remember how old I am. Years earlier I would be chasing the little black intruder through my house determined to not let anything invade my living quarters. I remember swishing my old reliable fly swatter in the air in the hopes the little black speck would be a little bit stupider than I and forget to get out of the way of the mesh on the end of a stick.
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