December 2015

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A conspiracy is brewing in our nation and no one has the power to stop it. I am not talking about a deep political injustice that has to do with the military industrial complex or a foreign association of terrorists bent on the destruction of the United States.

I am talking about a conspiracy of much greater magnitude between the confections industries and the multi-million dollar weight loss business. Ever since Thanksgiving raised its ugly head with pumpkin and apple pies, chocolate covered lollipops in the shape of pilgrims, and those evil looking yellow peepers the sugar industry has inundated our lives with tons of holiday delights.

They were found everywhere. When one woke up in the morning they were next to our breakfast cereals in the form of clover shaped green marshmallows. Our coffee went from bitter black to sweet creamy brown. Driving to work little bags of crispy treats were found in the front seat of our cars and even the toll booth attendants gave out little foiled wrapped kisses to go along with their good morning greetings.

After one arrived at work everyone was carrying a sweet little this or a tart little that. The exchange of holiday cakes and candies continued right through lunch. At least what most of us used to think was lunch?

The midday meal used to consist of a plastic wrapped tuna salad sandwich stuffed under a two-month old apple or pear. If one were real lucky they would pull out a brown spotted yellow banana from a brown paper bag that was destined to be recycled throughout the rest of the year.

The holiday lunch consisted of jellied ham jammed in a fruit filled bun wrapped in a kind of plastic gift wrap with pictures of lions and tigers and bears. Underneath this sugar-filled sandwich lay Christmas cakes, walnut laden chocolate brownies covered with layers of powdered sugar to the point one would expect to see a small plastic man skiing down its slopes like one would do at Sunday River or Aspen. Continue Reading →

Iit was as if time stood still. I was walking into one of the department stores in the Mall to finish my Christmas shopping the store’s anti-theft alarms went off. Everyone in the store stopped what they were doing and started to stare at me.

Since it was only a week before Christmas Day the store was filled with shoppers who stopped what they were doing and turned their heads to see who it was that was attempting to steal from the store. A few microseconds later four store-employees ran to the entrance of the store where I was standing. One was holding a type of walkie-talkie while the other was dressed in a uniform. In seconds a mall policeman joined them, in order to bolster their ranks against me. They didn’t say anything when they got there. They, like all of the customers in the store,  I just stared.

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Sshe was sure she had seen him somewhere before, but where? The inquisitive mind of Rose turned to admiration as she watched him propel his lithe body in and out of the traffic with the same gracefulness, as a snake would do over the wet earth.

She watched his manly stride along the busy town footpath and followed in hot pursuit, always keeping a discreet distance between them. If he knew that he was being followed, she was not prepared to confront him with a sensible explanation and a – ‘Haven’t I met you before’ – approach had been outdone, the world over. Suddenly the bustling throng of shoppers had petered out and his manly gait had now become apparent to Rose.

A car pulled up beside her and the driver requested directions, which took up more time than Rose wanted to give. When she looked up, the stranger had disappeared from view and a kind of panic pervaded her whole being. I’ve lost him – oh what if I’ve lost him? She started to doubt herself and wondered if the whole episode was just a dream.

He couldn’t  have gone down a side street because in this stretch of the area there wasn’t one. Relief came to her rescue as logic told her that he must be in one of the shops. Slowly she moved along from one shop to the next gazing with intense care through the plate glass windows pretending to be on a shopping spree.

The newsagents was given special care and so was the tobacconists but none showed her the figure of the stranger. Undaunted but disappointed she didn’t despair and glanced through the near-misted window of the local café. Her heart leaped with delight as she saw him stood at the counter awaiting his order. His arms moved gracefully through the air as he appeared to be explaining something to the counter girl and the smile on the girl’s face brought a tinge of jealousy to Rose. Continue Reading →

Webster defines happiness as being, “a state of well-being and contentment.” Webster continues his definition by stating it has something to do with a pleasurable satisfaction.

I have to admit for most of my life I have been told the best measure of the success in life is to equate how happy I am. I don’t think I am alone because most of my family and friends are in a perpetual hunt for happiness.

But, I have to ask myself if it has always been this way? I would assume our original ancestors who lived in caves defined happiness as a day they were not squished by a giant lizard; or I should say bird. A day of happiness would be a time when they weren’t hungry. The idea of happiness probably didn’t occur to them because they were more interested in survival. Continue Reading →