January 2016

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There is nothing like the early morning autumn fogs of Maine. One week it was a classic example of how these fogs change the way one feels about life. My day started like every other day of my life with getting up early in the morning before the sun dares to rear its crimson flaming head.

I literally rolled off my side of the bed hoping not to wake up my sleeping wife. I swear this is the best part of her night not having to put up with me turning from side to side while snoring something that sounded like the ‘1812 Overture’.

I then tip-toe over to our towel closet hoping I will pick out something that has nothing to do with flowers and pink things. This is always a shot in the dark because I grab them in the dark.
Once I grabbed what I thought was a wash cloth only to be shocked by the fact the cloth was soaked in something a man’s skin was never meant to experience.

Needless to say all of my male friends at school decided to stay away while my female friends continued to ask me how my new boy friends were. I won’t even talk about the rash. After my shower I once again tip-toed into my closet hoping to give my wife at least a couple more minutes of sleep.

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Wwhen I first saw him, he was dressed in a fancy green-turquoise coat with white rims and this  wild, sensual look in his deep blue eyes. He moved with elegance and strength: almost dancing, smooth like a panther. I could not take my eyes of him – he hypnotized me. Sometimes I try to copy him but fail childishly. He is so unique. Not only are his looks stunning, but also: his voice, his smile and his stillness. I love everything about him. He is so unpredictable: never boring, yet sincere and true to the bottom of his heart.

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A few years ago my father, who has now passed, called me talking about a ring his found somewhere in Somersworth. At the time I was concentrating on a class of labs and I must admit I wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation.  He was concerned about how he could get the ring back to the rightful owner.

My first thought was why would anyone care? My father described the ring as being an old gold class ring dating back to 1934. He told me it was very small and thus had to be a woman’s ring. There was no stone in the middle like the rings of today. It was all gold. I don’t know what carat weight it was but there was no tarnish or wear to give a hint to its age.

This one was simply moulded to show off the name of the school, that was Somersworth High School and the date of graduation. My father went on to explain how the ring was in impeccable shape as though it was rarely worn or had been lost for a very long time. Within minutes both my interest and imagination started to spark.

The pile of laboratory reports I had in front of me became unimportant because any opportunity to massage my imagination had to be taken seriously. My father continued by stating the ring also had something else special about it. Inside the band were the initials “CB”. Because the ring was over 70 years old the concept of having the initials still appear on the inside of the band was quite remarkable. Continue Reading →

Having felt a sharp pain in my arm, I had decided to move on. I was walking along the High Street, happily looking into shop windows, when suddenly I noticed that our local bully had seen me and was waiting to cross over to apparently confront me. He is not a person to mess with and I had to get away. Now!

Noticing that I had seen him, he called out “Oi! I want you!” I quickened my step and wondered what to do. Then, next to the baker’s shop, I noticed a door that I had not seen before. It was slightly ajar and I quickly decided to go in. The door slammed shut and I was alone in a long, dark tunnel.

As I looked around, my eyes quickly grew accustomed to the gloom. There was a door on the left-hand side, while ahead, in the far distance, bright sunlight was filling what appeared to be the obvious way out. However, as it was nearer, I chose to open the door as I was curious to see what was behind it.

I walked forward and entered a large, circular room. I could not believe my eyes! The vision was in 3D and constantly changing as it slowly moved around me. The scene was of groups of people going about their everyday life. They were in a variety of places, in a variety of countries!

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I always got a kick out of watching television shows about how a person’s pet starts to look like its owner. Or maybe it is the other way around. Chipping the ice out of my driveway, I watch a short, stocky man walking a short stocky bulldog and a frizzy-haired older woman holding onto her Pekinese.
Last Friday I was stuck in some slow-moving traffic. As usual I would put on some soothing music, or sport’s radio station, in order to simply wait it out. Moving through traffic I noticed a large black Chrysler truck pull up beside me.
I believe a truck of that size would have to be black. I don’t remember ever seeing a light-blue Chrysler truck. Even though I was driving a pick-up that was supposed to be high off the ground, I still felt as though I was in a sub-compact next to the monster truck beside me.
Inside was a man who also made me feel very small. He had his forearm leaning outside the window. Or at least I think it was his forearm. His arm looked as though it was twice the size of my thigh. Peeking into the cab of his truck, I also noticed his head was twice the size of mine.

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I don’t know about anyone else but I want to go back to a time when all I had to worry about was to how to take care of my family. The other day I drove with some my friends. It is common knowledge I hate to drive so being picked up to go anywhere by anyone is never a problem. Our conversation concerned politics and how our nation is going through difficult times.

We talked about the war against an enemy that had a variety of names, the government, which long ago decided to do nothing and how our freedoms are being eroded because of what has become a perpetual war on terror. Throughout the conversation our thoughts were with our children and their children’s children.

Since the national debt has reached historic proportions, and the concept of buying a house has been eliminated by huge costs, the joy of having our children evolve into their tomorrows was reduced because of our concern for their future. We arrived at our destination 45 minutes later and found a place to park on the street.

It was a nice neighborhood filled with homes literally on top of each other. Since I live in Maine, and am used to having a lot of land around me, it was difficult to understand how people could live so close to each other. It was obvious the people we were visiting were not like us. They were city people. Continue Reading →