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There are many laws of science that can’t be questions. One of the most important laws is The Law of the Conservation of Matter and Energy. It clearly states that matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Thinking back to my catechism days I clearly remember the nuns and brothers of my past drilling into all who had to be there that God has always been and always will be. In Genesis 1:3, God said: “Let there be light”; and there was light. God  saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.
Over the centuries there has been an argument between religion and science. Webster defines religion as: “the service and worship of God or the supernatural”.  Science is defined as: “a branch of knowledge in which what is known is presented in an orderly way.”
An orderly representation of God can be in many forms like The Bible or The Quran. In order to attempt to understand the concepts of God, Science, and energy one has to have a concept of time.
Man, or a comparison to man about 203 million years ago, has inhabited the Earth. The Earth itself is said to be 4.5 billion years old. The concept of Christ is approximately 2016 years and Mohammed is said to have lived about 1446 years ago.

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Oone bright and sunny spring day, Leonard came into the world. He wasn’t a baby robin, or a baby mouse, or a baby cricket. Leonard was a baby leaf, growing on the big oak tree on Mr. Johnson’s farm.

The tree had been there since Mr. Johnson’s great-grandfather had planted it with his father, when he was still a boy. The tree had seen many years as it grew between the big red barn and the white clapboard house.

All the ‘Mr. Johnsons’ through the years have said “Good morning” to the tree, as they walked to the barn each morning, and “Good evening” to the tree, as they walked back to the house each night. The tree grew-up hearing this and even tried a “Good morning” or “Good evening” of it’s own, on many occasions, with a wave of it’s branches or a creak from it’s trunk, but none of the ‘Mr. Johnsons’ ever really understood. Leonard, as I said, was a leaf who growing on the big oak tree.

He was a bright spring-green and had strong veins starting at his base, and shooting up to his edges. He lived about half-way up the big oak tree, neither at the top, nor at the bottom, but at a very good height for a leaf. He felt the strong spring sun on his face and thought there can not be anything greater than being a leaf. Continue Reading →

Aaunt Hary, whose real name is Harriet, hollered; “Come and get it!” from the back-door of the farmhouse. Me and my brother, Eddie, are from a city that’s one state away from here. Our parents thought we needed to breathe some fresh country air, so we were dropped-off at Uncle Frank and Aunt Hary’s ranch yesterday. I think they just wanted to get rid of us for the summer. For breakfast, Aunt Hary baked some warm, flaky biscuits, in a special stove that burns wood. We ate them wonderful biscuits, with eggs and sausage: it was the best breakfast I ever had in my life! I took my third biscuit outside and sat on the back step. I savored it, bit-by-bit.

Suddenly, I got these squawking beaks and flapping wings in my face. I jumped up and ran, like my pants was on fire! I ran to a tree that Uncle Frank calls a “pee-can” tree. I don’t know how, but I got up that tree! Those chickens kept squawking and bock-bocking at me, so I threw the rest of my biscuit; at them hateful chickens. I kept climbing until the branches got wobbly. Looking down at them rotten chickens, I started to cry, because I was scared and my knees stung. Continue Reading →

There are many ways of evaluating what kind of a week you had. You could review your checkbook to see if you added or reduced your balance. You could weigh yourself to see if that extra glass of wine or can of beer actually increased the size of your waste or butt.
Or you could focus on your eyes in a mirror, to see if the bags under your eyes increased in bulk. Scientifically the best way of measuring the success of your week is by checking to see what’s inside your dishwasher. 
The next time you have to run your dishwasher, because nothing else can fit in it, observe what is in it. If the number of wine glasses or beer mugs overwhelms the number of dinner dishes, you probably had a very stressful week.
If you think back you probably had little energy to cook or even open a can. Pouring a glass of wine or opening a bottle of beer takes a lot less energy, plus it lessens the time to end up falling asleep in front of your TV.
If the number of coffee cups overwhelms the number of dinner dishes, you were definitely expecting a rough day. There are certain mornings when all it takes to get you going is a single cup of coffee.
There are also certain mornings when you realize the day ahead will be filled with many explanations as to why something wasn’t done, or why you did it.

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Hhe didn’t want to make the drive to the ranch but I had begged him to do it just one more time. Thane sat stiff and straight, his left arm near the window and his right arm on the wheel. I wasn’t sure if I should talk or just listen to the radio station; 99.3 FM, I believe. Suddenly I wished I hadn’t suggested going to the ranch because Thane hated it. He complained about not having electricity, he hated the dust and the ranch made his allergies worse.

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