July 2016

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Iit is lonely out here on the range! There is no one to talk to except my horse, and the cactus. The ramrod of the 4d Ranch sent me out here to gather up strays that might have wandered off from the herd.

The boss and his family were going to lose the 4d if something wasn’t done quickly. I had found a few doggies, but that wasn’t enough to help save the ranch and, to make matters worse, the boss’s son had become a drunkard. Every night he would go to Zeke’s bar in town, and drink all of his father’s money away. If anyone said anything to him, he would want to fight. Most of the time he would win but when it looked like he wouldn’t, he would draw his gun. Luckily he didn’t shoot anybody, but often he came close to it.

He would come home to the ranch and stumble in the door; call his sister names and demand that she fix him something to eat. After he ate, he would lay on the sofa, in the parlor, and fall asleep. He would always tell his little sister: “Ever since Ma died, you have been Pa’s favorite, he is gonna leave you everything, but not if I can help it.” He muttered this while he was passing out.

What his pa and sister didn’t know was that he had made a deal with Zeke. They would gather up some rustlers, and have them rustle the herd of the 4d. Zeke would sell the rustled cattle and split the money with Ben, Zeke’s son. In the end, Zeke would buy the 4d Ranch and give Ben enough acres to start a ranch of his own. Continue Reading →

The past few weeks have been difficult to watch or understand. My wife and I watch a lot of news and with the election finally closing in we especially attempt to understand what our nation will look like in the immediate future. The murders of innocent men and police officers have been especially hard to observe. It is obvious we live in a kind of Utopia called York, Maine but still feel sadness for the families of those that have been so affected.

I felt it snap as it left my hand. A little tingle in my shoulder was felt as the horseshoe flew away. As soon as I felt this seemingly little discomfort I knew that within the next few hours I would be popping Advil like a six-year-old would pop candy. The feeling also showed me that the summer of discomfort was about to begin.

The game of horseshoes has never been associated with any type of sport injury. That is unless you observe the many backyard and beach competitions that take place during all of the summer months. These are usually associated with a lot of yelling and making fun of where this horseshoe landed or why a certain relative or friend never experienced the concept of a “ringer”.

Some of the other horse-shoe related injuries include the pesky thumb blister that never heals until the last horseshoe is thrown on Labor Day weekend. The shin knob is another popular injury in that it begins after an older uncle’s horseshoe flies out of the pit and directly onto your shin.The color and size are the most interesting parts of this particular injury in that its deep purple sheen never fades away and the horseshoe shaped swell becomes a permanent part of one’s leg. Continue Reading →