October 2018

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Wwebster defines a neighborhood as: “the people living near one another or a section lived in by neighbors.” Webster also gives an interesting definition of neighbors: “To be near or next to by a fellow human being.” In today’s fast moving and changing society the concept of a neighborhood seems to have gone away with ideas of family owned neighborhood stores and an area where everyone knew and cared for each other.

Today’s neighborhoods seemed to be isolated individuals who are either too busy or have no interest in associating with human beings that happen to live near by. Small neighborhoods seem to be eaten up by larger organizations or associations that dictate regulations to people they don’t know. In neighborhoods of our past people had a general understanding of the trials and tribulations, whether personal or societal, of their neighbors. They always took these realities into account when they interacted with them. Children knew their neighbors and these same neighbors made sure the children were watched over and kept safe.

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Autumn has arrived with all its wonders. The air is fresh with little to no humidity, my garden has given the last of its bounty, and the leaves of the trees are starting to give a glimpse of the colors that are destined to explode around us. Now if my lawn would finally get the hint and stop growing I could be a happy camper.

Every five days since my yard went from frozen tundra to basically a hay field I have faithfully mowed it down so I wouldn’t become the bum of the neighborhood. I kept it as short as possible in fear the dandelions would change the scene from green to yellow and I had a chance of not getting any of the many sicknesses the bugs of the ground promised to inflict. In other words, I’ve been a good soldier.

The dog days of August used to give me a reprieve from the agony of attempting to keep up with the green carpet that surrounds my home. I used to love these days with my lawn turning a wonder brownish tan and the only thing that grew was a phantom weed that must have evolved from deep in the Sahara Dessert. I used to love those days. Continue Reading →