Submissions Policy.

If you are a serious writer, published or not and your submission is accepted, offers the following self-promotion:

  1. An individual, indexed page with your story and, at least, your name and e-mail address.
  2. An optional promotional page, linked to your story, with your profile/biography, in respect to your writing ambitions/publications etc:
  3. A direct link from your story and/or your promotional page to your personal website.

At the moment, most types of short and long stories, including novels and extracts of completed novels, (sorry no poems), are being accepted. If it is apparent that you have tried hard to produce material, of interest to readers, it will not be rejected out-of-hand if only minor editing is required.
Extra assistance may be given to writers whose first language is not English (please indicate).
You will have the chance and help, if requested, to correct and re-submit. Submissions may also be partly edited and referred back to the author with suggestions for consideration, if deemed appropriate.
HOWEVER, material is not acceptable and no help will be given, if it has obviously not been checked for simple mistakes, or the submission has not been treated appropriately by the contributor.


The following is unacceptable:

  1. Material which is banned by the Internet Service Provider:
  2. Gratuitous or excessive profanity and obscenities:
  3. Pornography and excessive Erotica:
  4. Excessive or explicit description of violence:
  5. Race-hate material:
  6. Anti any specific religion or group:
  7. Material which is felt to be unsuitable for whatever reason:
  8. Contributions deemed not to be suitable for this our website(s).

This policy will be amended without notice if considered necessary.

Please note that ‘’ and its websites do not pay for accepted submissions or charge for the service provided.
Before submitting, please read the following statement:

  1. It is presumed that correspondence from ALL parties will be conducted with respect and courtesy. Disrespectful and discourteous correspondence will be considered junk mail and dealt with accordingly.
  2. This website is personal property.
  3. Authors assumes sole legal responsibly for the contents on the page(s) loaned/allocated to them, for their stories/poems.
  4. If you wish to have a submission or part thereof, which you have written, deleted from the website, it will be carried out as soon as is reasonably possible. Please note; once material has been deleted from your page(s), it may not be added back to the page(s), should you change your mind.
  5. While attempting to maintain certain standards, the contributions found on the pages of ‘friends’ do not necessarily reflect the views of the owner of the Talesetc. com websites and has no legal responsibility in respect to the contents of the authors’ pages.

Please read the following carefully.

Copyright is retained by the writer but permission for use, on this and associated websites, is granted to
I understand that my submission may not be accepted for any reason the editor of this website sees fit. assesses submissions in respect to strength of storyline and presentation. If a story is acceptable, minor grammatical errors are edited and the story included: final judgement being made by the readers. does not rate stories as this is a matter of personal choice and therefore accepts most themes.
I understand that the editor of this site cannot provide me with a detailed critique of my submission.
I have read the Guidelines and Statement and agree to abide by them, I also confirm that I own the copyright of the material that I have submitted.
I am aware of’s policy on gratuitous profanity, obscenities, and violence and understand that if my use of such is excessive, my membership will be declined, suspended or revoked; or that if my use of such is infrequent and not essential to the story, it may be toned down.

When submitting:

Please include the following on your e-mail, and with your submission, if sent as an attachment.
Contact Name; email address; Country of Residence; link to your website if required.

Please state if you are under 16, as personal e-mail addresses of minors will not be published, please submit the email address of an adult.

When you are ready, please e-mail:
You may submit your story in the e-mail or by file attachment.  Do not submit in HTML, it cannot be accepted.

If you have a query about your submission, please e-mail: