Tthe taste of bitterness is all that I have left in my mouth… a heavy stone sits upon my heart. The world rejoices around me and I remain as the deaf and blind… cannot hear… cannot see.

A time of stillness that I cannot define, as if in a house of glass. I feel like a little girl in a deep dark forest, sitting under a tall tree, and yet not afraid, only awaiting what else fate may bring my way.

As I sit, I remember how fate sharpened his swords, to cut through my heart again and again, leaving me lonely as always… for a moment in time I ceased my strikes and stopped fighting back.

I realised that I was always mistaken…
that all my dreams were false…
that all I ever did was never appreciated…
that all my beliefs were an illusion.

As fate struck, I let the sharpness of his sword cut through me for the last time, for I knew that no matter how strong his strike was, it could never be more painful than knowing that I was never loved.

Did you ever close your eyes and see me there?
Did you ever yearn to hold me close, as you fell asleep?
Did you ever miss the way I smile or speak?
Did you ever worry that I was in too deep?
If I was hungry, lonely or weak?

Questions, only questions but never asked. There was no one to ask them of anyway!

Tears burned across my face knowing I had no answers… the swords I used to defend, all I believed in, slipped slowly from my hands… my eyes closed gently as a breeze passed through my hair.

I hit the ground and knew… was all over!


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Author: Yasmin Al-Hassan. e-mail :