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Oonce upon a time, at the edge of the sea, there was a rock, older than Time itself. Only The Unicorn used to go there: to watch the sea at sunset, and soothe his sadness with the song of the sea. He always arrived lonely, and as each night-time fell, he left even lonelier and sadder. Only the moonlight reflecting from his mythical horn lightened the darkness, and his sadness.

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Tto watch the world through a spider web is as watching the future through the web of the memories; wishing that everything you know, about the dust of the ways you have ever walked on, would help you choose the paths of the future. However, the reflection of the memories web is cheating, like a dusty mirror ; the reflected image is never identical and only when you recognize steps you have made before, then you understand that you are actually walking on the tracks of your own errors.

Tthe same goes for the spider web; seen through its perfection, the world seems more beautiful. That is why you just admire it from behind the spider web. Because you are sorry to spoil its perfection, or because it is easier to watch the ways beyond it, than to walk on them. The spider web gets thicker with time and gradually your window towards a dreamworld becomes gray and dull. A window covered by curtains, beyond which nothing is to be seen anymore, except for an immense loneliness here, on the side of your heart.

Oonly the light of a candle can get through the spider web, sometimes, late at night. The flame, getting narrow towards the tip, takes the shape of a path getting lost at the horizon, reminding you of the ways that have uselessly waited for you but it is late; what has once been your window towards the ideal world is now your prison. All you can do is to fall asleep, thinking of the flame you barely can see anymore, and hope the path of light starting on the other side of the spider web will wipe away, at least in dream, your wrong ways.

The End.
The Spider’s Web by Lonely Shell

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Tthey both knew, from the start, that their love was impossible; that a day would come when they would have to say ‘Good-bye’.

On Christmas Eve, they decided that their relationship, as beautiful as an angel’s love story, should end with the dying year. He would have liked to have spent all of their days together, but she decided it was better to leave.

“The New Year should find us in our new lives, where we will miss each other” she said.

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Oonce upon a time there was a blue island in the middle of an ocean. It was the island where a blue god, wearing blue birds on his shoulders, came from time to time. There the sea sent its foamy waves to kiss the ankles of this great, good god.

One day, the blue god met a woman, a creature of Earth and tethered to the earth, since she was unable to fly. The god gave her his hand and she sat down next to him, on the blue rock by the edge of the sea. They did not talk to each other; they only swung their legs in the waves, looking at each other, in silence.

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Iit was Christmas night and all the toys were happy, in the hands of the children who had been given them as presents. The soldier was now guarding the room, the bunny was enjoying the heat of the fire, and the doll was sleeping, wrapped in silk sheets.

Only the teddy bear had been left under the tree, alone, except for a tuneless guitar. The lights of the Christmas tree had been switched off a long time ago and even the brightness of the outside snow was too weak for the tears of the unwanted teddy bear to be seen in the dark room.

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