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Tthe lieutenant turned, his slight frame casting a shadow upon the pink ceramic wall that, due to its angle, caused the shadow to lean slightly back from the vertical: ‘You know what you are being charged with?’

Ken leaned forwards in the hard wooden high-backed chair.

‘Yes and it’s all bull, we didn’t do any thing, the cops found nothing.’

The lieutenant pushed back the black, peaked hat an inch or so, in order to scratch a dark forehead. He restored the hat’s peak to just above the eyes.

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Tthe last rays of sunlight paint the Armoured Personnel Carrier with soft tones of pink, blue and green: the green darkening by the second to eventually become olive drab. The rear-mounted 7.62mm machine gun swivels to the left and then to right, as its automatic infra-red target-acquisition system scans the desert. The hills, on either side of the Jezreel Valley, cast long shadows upon the valley floor and the shadows inch towards the two crew-members, engaged about a Primus stove.

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