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Ffar away in Times-Gonebye, there was a very special village called Strood. Thanks to the hard work of its people, it had grown in size, and wealth, to become the finest village of all the villages in the land. Just a few miles away, craggy mountains rose to the sky and each night giant columns of flame burst from their peaks.

The villagers believed that the mountains were the home of many Fire Gods and everyone stayed well away from them. Although they feared the Fire Gods, and were scared that their homes might be burnt down, the villagers knew that the Flaming Mountains kept them safe, on that side at least, from attack by bandits and thieves.

Once a week, to please the Fire Gods they left food at the bottom of the mountains and on those nights, they huddled together in fear as they watched as the flames came down from the mountains and moved towards their village. However, each week the flames stopped at the food and, in the morning, the food was gone! As the villagers had lots of food, they were happy to make this payment in exchange for their safety. Then it all changed!

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Why do I prefer dogs to cats? It’s simple really, dogs have masters while cats have servants. Dogs want to love and please you and give you a wet kiss, while cats want you to please them or to chase and kill birds and small animals.

Out of the blue, because I had done a favour for someone, I was offered a puppy. I was sitting and talking to the person’s sister when a black Labrador wandered into the room. It came across to me and sat on my left foot. I stroked her and the woman said: “I see she knows you like dogs”.

I told her that my mother always had a dog but I wasn’t keen on them, as they were always small and snappy. Then, as we were talking, a very young puppy wobbled its way in, saw that its mother was sitting on my left foot and sat on right foot. The woman said: “She obviously likes and trusts you. I have sold the rest of the litter, would you like to have her? You can have her for helping my sister.” Continue Reading →

Oon an island, close to the mainland, was a village called Hope. Over the years, the prosperity of its inhabitants had ebbed and flowed like the mighty Atlantic Ocean, which incessantly crashed at its steep shoreline.

Not having easy access to the sea, the options of becoming fishermen or smugglers were never practical and other ways of earning a living had never been easy. However, these close-knit, doughty people had grown accustomed to weathering the financial storms by leading a frugal but happy life. With only one access road, via a narrow bridge, they were in a ‘cul-de-sac of Time’ and with the stresses of modern-day living, ‘them outsiders’, as they were called by the islanders, were beginning to search for remote places, such as Hope, to relax in.

Slowly at first but then rapidly, bed-and-breakfast accommodation became a handy source of income. At first to supplement but soon after to take over from the centuries-old toil of vegetable growing. With this new prosperity burning a hole in their pockets, many of the villagers decided to expand by pooling their wealth. Very soon small weekend-dwellings started to sprout up in the vegetable fields. Success bred success and the villagers thrived.

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They say that all things are relative but the time-span and areas they are related to can cause problems. In my case too many of the ‘old days’ could not be described as ‘Good’.

World War 2 against Germany was declared a few months before my fifth birthday and the area of the south coast of England, where I lived, soon became affected. I can remember my infants/primary school lessons being interupted by air-raid sirens and having to go outside to the former playground which had been filled with a number of corrugated-steel shelters.

Once inside them, we settled on the hard wooden benches, lit a candle and tried to read our lesson books until the all-clear alarm sounded. Too often this process happened more than once a day and became unsettling to some. Looking back, I realise that, even with the covering of turf on the shelter, a falling bomb would still have blown us to pieces.

In fact, this was soon realised by my father who had served in the Royal Horse Artillery in WW1. After being woken one night by the Air-raid alarm, we slept the rest of the night in the shelter installed in our back garden. Next morning he decided that, if we were bombed, it would be better to die in our warm home than spend too many of our nights in the freezing cold, useless ‘shelter’. It wasn’t wasted though, as it soon became a place to grow mushrooms and keep our home-grown vegetables and fruit. Continue Reading →

Having felt a sharp pain in my arm, I had decided to move on. I was walking along the High Street, happily looking into shop windows, when suddenly I noticed that our local bully had seen me and was waiting to cross over to apparently confront me. He is not a person to mess with and I had to get away. Now!

Noticing that I had seen him, he called out “Oi! I want you!” I quickened my step and wondered what to do. Then, next to the baker’s shop, I noticed a door that I had not seen before. It was slightly ajar and I quickly decided to go in. The door slammed shut and I was alone in a long, dark tunnel.

As I looked around, my eyes quickly grew accustomed to the gloom. There was a door on the left-hand side, while ahead, in the far distance, bright sunlight was filling what appeared to be the obvious way out. However, as it was nearer, I chose to open the door as I was curious to see what was behind it.

I walked forward and entered a large, circular room. I could not believe my eyes! The vision was in 3D and constantly changing as it slowly moved around me. The scene was of groups of people going about their everyday life. They were in a variety of places, in a variety of countries!

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Aas a life-long friend, please allow me to shed a little light. The TaleWagger is a complex character, who has used many aliases in his chequered career. He was originally called Tom Tom,(his father, a piper had a stutter) and he lived with his widowed mother, brothers and sisters in a shoe-shaped dwelling.

He and his brothers argued so much with one of the sisters, who was called Mary and was quite contrary, that his mother had difficulty coping. Partly due to this, a neighbour once said: “She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do!”  His brother Jack climbed a beanstalk one day and was never seen again.

This giant tragedy made the Talewagger decide that he too should leave home. With his cat dressed in boots and now calling himself ‘Dick’, he left to start a new life. They walked along a yellow-brick road, to a big city with shiny, golden pavements and there Dick was offered an important job with the council.

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If you look up at the Heavens on a clear dark night, you will see many twinkling dots that are the stars. They seems to almost fill the sky and each one sparkles, flashes and flickers like a very precious jewel, as it tries to outdo its neighbour and attract your roving eye. Somewhere out  there, when time was just a baby, there was only one little star. It scurried around the planets, spreading its message of peace and goodwill to all. This is its story.

Llong ago before life existed here, a happy peaceful tribe lived on a much older planet than ours. Their village was in the very middle of a vast tropical forest and they were surrounded by giant trees that seemed to reach right up into outer space.

The tribe was completely isolated from any other tribe but because they lived a very simple life in leaf-covered huts, they wanted for nothing. They had no need to roam or explore, as all the fruits and animals of the forest were close at hand and their river water was pure and plentiful. The only thing that was in short supply was sunlight. The branches of the trees covered all of their land and the only sunshine that they ever saw was the few golden rays that filtered through between the leaves and they never got sun-tanned. Because they never met with other tribes, they did not realise that they were the only pale-skinned people on the whole of their planet.

One day, the wife of the handsome chief of the tribe realised that she was soon to have her baby and,  as was the custom of the tribe, she went to live with the other mothers-to-be. There, she would be looked after by the widowed women of the tribe until her baby was born and they were ready to leave.  Their large hut was set some distance from the rest of the tribe and the men were not allowed to visit the area.

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Graceful Lives in Wholly Peace.

The landscape from my home is clear,
as cotton-wool clouds dab gently in a cooling breeze.
A sway of poppies transfuse the golden morrow’s bread
and crops of fruit that fill the land,
while yonder hill stands green and proud.
A busy lake with waterfowl,
and leaping fry and stealthy tench.
Here glows a peace on Earth, this clean
and pleasant land of dreams, this England!




Disgraceful Evils in a Holy War.

The landscape in the Middle East is blurred,
by acrid clouds from burning fields and orphaned homes.
Stilled, human scarecrows guard the crops of wanton waste
as unseen guns shout out their prayer of hate
and prey upon a sacrificial paste.
A crater with some water foul,
a shattered church, a burning mosque
and Holy Smoke defiled with stench.
Here grows a place of Death, a nightmare that’s intolerance.

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Oone day last summer, a grandfather was sitting on a pier with his grandson fishing. It was a warm sunny day and several people were out and about, enjoying the fine weather. On a seat, near the grandson, an elderly woman was reading a book. When she had finished reading, the woman gathered her possessions and wandered away, leaving the book on the ground by the seat. The grandson, bored with not being able to catch a fish, strolled across, sat on the seat and picked up the book. He quickly flicked through the pages, decided that it was of no interest to him and proceeded to tear out the pages, one by one. When he had sufficient, he screwed them into balls and went to the water’s edge.

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Wwhen The First Galaxy was virtually complete, only a mishmash of Evil Spirits remained, unused and unwanted. Light of Day gathered them up for The Maker, who rolled them into a ball to form a comet, dipped it in green light and threw it towards The Vastness of Nowhere.

As the day was ending, Twilight, mother of Night, was busily spreading Peace and Tranquility about the skies. Suddenly, low on the horizon, she caught sight of the green comet about to leave the galaxy. Fearing for its safety she called out to Darkness, father of Night, for help.

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