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Jjeb  lived with Ben and Lindell and two grown-up people called Mum and Dad. He had bright eyes and a shiny black nose. He was a small brown dog with a funny black patch on the tip of his left ear.

One  day Jeb curled up in Mum’s chair and went fast asleep. He began to dream. In his dream he found a delicious bone but just as he was about to start chewing on it he heard a shout. It sounded like Mum’s voice. It was Mum. Jeb was wide awake now.
“Jeb! OUT! Shoo!”

Mum clipped him with the newspaper and chased Jeb out the door. Jeb id in a bush until Mum went back inside. Then he looked about himself. He was in the garden. It felt warm and damp. Here was a good place to dig for another bone – a real one! Jeb set to work. He dug quickly letting the dirt fly up behind him. This was fun. Soon he had dug quite a deep hole. Jeb was about to put his nose into the hole to sniff out a bone when he heard a yell. It sounded like Dad’s voice. It was Dad.
“Jeb! OUT! Shoo!”

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William was a normal teenager, and one day he found a strange pamphlet in his room.

It read:
Come to Medinel’s School of Magic.
We teach all forms of magic and we run the school on an absorbing spell, so the course is free. Learn primary element spells, secondary element spells, and mixers.
This pamphlet is enchanted with a sentience spell, so, if you are able to read it, you have the capability to use magic. Most people receiving this have very little knowledge of magic; here is a quick reference guide.

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Ssimelo and Busi were great friends. They lived in the same village, went to the same school and had the same dreams: they both wanted to go to the city where they were quite sure that they could learn to be models and make a lot of money. So they plotted and planned every day as to how they could get there.

The village where they lived was near a wide river that formed the boundary of the country and Busi often spent her Saturday afternoons helping her mother wash the family’s clothes in the water. The river only ran strongly when there had been good rains up country but for several years there not been any significant rainy seasons. The big pools were all that were left, but the rainy season was due and good downpours were predicted.
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Iit was one of those summery days when the air is heavy and warm and nobody wants to do very much. Jonathan and Robbit were resting on top of one of Moley’s hummocks, relaxing and watching the rest of the world go by.

Jonathan could feel the sun’s warmth through his shell and it was making him feel comfortable and drowsy. He wriggled contentedly. Last night, before he’d gone to bed, Jonathan had taken off his shell and given it a special polish, and this morning it gleamed in the sunlight. Beside him on the soft warm molehill, Robbit lay on his back, his paws behind his head, gazing up at the clear blue sky, thinking about things in his own rabbity way.

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Pphineas wanted to go fishing! The sun shone brightly and he could see the river shimmering in the heat. He wanted to fish! The trouble was that he could not find his rod.

He had safely put it away, in the kitchen cupboard, after he had last he used it. He searched in all the likely places and then looked in the unlikely ones too; under the beds; above the chimney; in the bathroom; under the bath; but it was nowhere to be found. He was fed up! Who could have taken it?

Phineas wandered outside and sat down on a low wall, at a loss as to what to do next. Just then his dog Roger came bounding up, mud on his front paws and dust on his nose. He had obviously been digging and had dragged some fishing line along for Phineas’ inspection. He was very pleased with himself but wanted Phineas to follow him. He kept trotting off a short distance, then turning his head and barking, to call his master. The boy looked at the tangled mass of line, it looked quite new so he decided to humour his dog and follow him.

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Oonce upon a time, at the edge of the sea, there was a rock, older than Time itself. Only The Unicorn used to go there: to watch the sea at sunset, and soothe his sadness with the song of the sea. He always arrived lonely, and as each night-time fell, he left even lonelier and sadder. Only the moonlight reflecting from his mythical horn lightened the darkness, and his sadness.

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Tthe Summer of 1959 was an eventful one for the three young boys about to enter the sixth grade. All of them were at Jeff Wyman’s house enjoying the last day of summer vacation, and all were admiring Jeff’s baseball card of Mickey Mantle, the New York Yankees’ hot new star.

Jeff stood at the side of his bed as his friends, Steven Ellis and David Mahler, continued to look at the small image of the New York Yankee. Steven looked at Jeff and said, “Okay, I’ll give you Al Kaline, Norman Cash and Whitey Ford.”
This was a generous offer, especially since Kaline and Cash were members of the hometown team; the Detroit Tigers, but Jeff couldn’t be swayed to trade Mickey Mantle.

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Aannie was a very lonely girl. She lived with her parents, on a small farm, way up on the side of a mountain, in Vermont. They lived far away from almost everybody. Annie’s parents liked it that way, but Annie didn’t.

Annie’s parents made sure she had plenty of toys and games and stuffies, but she didn’t have any friends. There was no-one to play her many toys and games with. Her dog Cyder was OK, and the farm cats were fun to play with sometimes, but what Annie really wanted was a friend. Her parents tried their best, but her father was gone most of the day, and her mother was usually busy with chores around the farm.

During the day, Annie would usually go outside and play what her mother called her “imagine” games. Annie would imagine that the old tree in the front yard was a pirate trying to steal her family’s treasure. She would imagine that the boulder in the back was a high mountain and she was the first ever to reach the top. She would imagine that the little rock in the meadow was a desert island in the middle of a great sea.

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Tthere once was a termite who lived deep underground in the forest. He had grown up in the dark damp tunnels, that his big family had made, and had never seen the sun.

The place where he lived was very hot in the summer and, because of this, the towers of his home sloped away from the sun, thus causing the tunnels to be cooled by the shadow of the towers. He had never been outside but as he grew bigger, so his curiosity grew and he wished, more than anything, to get out.

Termie, for that is what he was called, was sometimes known as a white ant, because he looked like one but in fact he was a true termite. His father had gone to great pains to explain the difference between a white ant and a termite and he had never forgotten it.

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