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Tthe parcel arrived on the day that Kim was coming to stay for a short holiday. A long, wide, flat shape marked ‘Fragile’ and addressed to Emma. Inside the parcel was a painting of an old house.

“Emma it is this house, before it was converted into our Guest House.”
Her mother had taken the picture and was gazing at it with interest.
“The old house painted many years ago. There is another wing in the picture and smooth lawns. A girl in a white dress intent on painting. She seems to be about my age”

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Ii was born on a small horse ranch in California and I lived there until I became two years old. Those, I think, were the happiest days of my life, up until now. There were other colts to frolic and jump with; we used to dream of what great racehorses we were going to be.

There were four other colts in the pasture, they were my friends, and they each had different mothers and fathers than I did. My mother and my father were great racehorses, but neither of them had ever produced a horse that made much in racing. They all seemed to run in cheap races, they won sometimes, but that was not enough. The other dams and stallions had offspring that won big races, stakes and sweepstakes, but my parents did not produce to their potential.

However, I was going to show the world they could, I was going to win the Triple Crown, and make my parents proud of themselves, and me. As I was growing-up in that pasture and playing with my friends, I seemed to always be faster than them and I was growing faster and larger as the days went by. I grew larger than my friends did, and when we played like we were fighting, I would always win, and when we raced across the pasture the same thing would happen. When we became two-year-olds, all of my playmates were sold. They were at the racetrack now, learning to be racehorses and I was alone in that big pasture. I no longer had someone to play with and I was a big and powerful-looking colt. I stood sixteen hands tall and weighed about twelve hundred pounds. That was big for a two-year-old, it was great, though my legs might not hold out as I raced.

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If you look up at the Heavens on a clear dark night, you will see many twinkling dots that are the stars. They seems to almost fill the sky and each one sparkles, flashes and flickers like a very precious jewel, as it tries to outdo its neighbour and attract your roving eye. Somewhere out  there, when time was just a baby, there was only one little star. It scurried around the planets, spreading its message of peace and goodwill to all. This is its story.

Llong ago before life existed here, a happy peaceful tribe lived on a much older planet than ours. Their village was in the very middle of a vast tropical forest and they were surrounded by giant trees that seemed to reach right up into outer space.

The tribe was completely isolated from any other tribe but because they lived a very simple life in leaf-covered huts, they wanted for nothing. They had no need to roam or explore, as all the fruits and animals of the forest were close at hand and their river water was pure and plentiful. The only thing that was in short supply was sunlight. The branches of the trees covered all of their land and the only sunshine that they ever saw was the few golden rays that filtered through between the leaves and they never got sun-tanned. Because they never met with other tribes, they did not realise that they were the only pale-skinned people on the whole of their planet.

One day, the wife of the handsome chief of the tribe realised that she was soon to have her baby and,  as was the custom of the tribe, she went to live with the other mothers-to-be. There, she would be looked after by the widowed women of the tribe until her baby was born and they were ready to leave.  Their large hut was set some distance from the rest of the tribe and the men were not allowed to visit the area.

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Jjonathan was looking dismal. Robbit had never seen his friend looking quite so forlorn, not even on that rainy wet day when Jonathan had fallen over on a slippery corner and got mud on his nice shiny shell.”What’s up?” asked Robbit.

“Oh, nothing,” said Jonathan, and carried on sliding glumly along the little snail-trail that led to his house.
Robbit stared after his friend anxiously: whatever it was, it must be really bothering him if he wouldn’t even talk about it. Robbit hopped thoughtfully after the retreating shell, trying to think what to say.
“Bad day at school?” he ventured, “get your sums wrong?”

Robbit almost always got his sums wrong; and his spelling. Getting things wrong at school was just the way things were for Robbit. Maybe, he thought, if you were extremely clever like Jonathan, then getting a sum wrong might make you unhappy.
But Jonathan just shook his head glumly; it wasn’t anything to do with sums.

“So, why are you so gloomy, then?” demanded Robbit.
“Bullies,” mumbled Jonathan at last.
“Bullies?” asked Robbit, “What bullies?”

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Tthere was once a young rabbit who was very sad.
He had two ears. He had two eyes.
He had a nose and mouth. He had four fine paws.
His fur was white and fluffy and soft – but he had no tail!

“Where’s my tail?” he asked his mother.
“I do not know,” said his mother. “You must have lost it when you were a baby.”
The poor little rabbit grew sadder every day.

One day he said to his mother, “Do you think I can ever find another tail?’
“Perhaps,” she replied. “And when you do, I will sew it on for you.”
The little rabbit set off to find a tail. He looked everywhere.
He looked in the grass.
He looked under a rock.
He even looked among the rubbish that had caught in the fence.

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Aaristotle caught himself before his face splashed into his breakfast cereal.
“Aristotle, why are you so sleepy?” his mom asked, as she read her newspaper.

“I – I can’t say,” he yawned and rubbed his eyes.
“Are you sick?” she asked. Aristotle looked at his cereal and sighed: “I – I guess I’m just a little scared.”
“Scared? Why?” she asked, looking up from her newspaper.
“Well … there’s these weird scratchy noises in my closet at night,” he said.

“Didn’t you check them out?” his mom asked.
“N – no, what if something grabbed me?” he asked.
His mom raised her eyebrows and thought about what to do.
“Well, you can’t go without sleeping,” she said and stood up. “So, I’ll go take a look.”
“I hope we don’t have mice!” she added, as she left the kitchen.
Mice! Was that the sound he was hearing at night? Aristotle shivered as he imagined super-sized mice gnawing on the puzzle boxes in his closet. Soon, his mom returned, carrying a fist full of socks.
“D – did you find anything?” he asked.
She frowned. “Well, I found where you have been hiding your socks!”
Aristotle sat up quickly. That’s weird, he thought, as he always put his socks in the clothes hamper! Who had put his socks in the closet?

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Tthere was once an angel called Monica. She was very kind and helpful to everyone and she spent most of her days answering calls about people, or animals, in need. Monica had been living in the same town for many, many years, as she had not been told when she should return to Heaven. She was always so busy that she had no time to think of herself, or her beautiful wings that were very quickly wearing out.

Every day you could see Monica floating around the town, looking down upon everything that was happening, and making sure that everyone was safe and well. She always knew if someone was ill, or sad, or if an animal was hurt, or in danger. She knew everything because she was an angel!

One day, when Monica was in Mr. Gorden’s paddock watching over some newly-born lambs, she felt very content that the lambs were doing very nicely, so she kissed them lovingly on their soft little heads and then continued on to her next call. As she began to raise her wings she felt a great pain and heaviness in them. She didn’t even have the power to lift herself off the ground! As hard as she tried to lift them, they still failed her, so she sat back gently, on the grass, and carefully lifted her wings, so that they folded around her chest and lay in her lap.

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A hunter of wild animals, who lived in Africa in the early days, shot a lion and lioness, and the wild man, who had befriended the two animals, was devastated at their death, as he considered them to be his children. This is the story of how he came to be alone, how he managed to survive in the bush and what became of him in the end.

Tthis man lived with lions in the early days in the Transvaal of South Africa. His name was Mashubashen and it is a true story that happened in 1905.

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Tthere was once an old man who lived in a square house. He had lived in the square house for many years but he had never felt really happy. His car was square; all his furniture was square, and even his pet cat was square.

He often dreamed what it would be like to live in a diamond-shaped house or a rectangular-shaped house, or even a round house. He knew he wasn’t happy living in a square house with square furniture and a square cat, but he wasn’t quite sure what he could to change all this.

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Oonce upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her beauty was so great, that each day all of the people of her village would bring flowers and lay them on her doorstep. They would come to gaze upon her loveliness and she would sing them beautiful songs, from high up on her balcony.

She was the village treasure, and they cherished and loved her, but the people knew that someday her prince would come and take the princess away. He would love her like no other could love her, and they would live happily ever after, in his palace, far away.

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