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Tthey both knew, from the start, that their love was impossible; that a day would come when they would have to say ‘Good-bye’.

On Christmas Eve, they decided that their relationship, as beautiful as an angel’s love story, should end with the dying year. He would have liked to have spent all of their days together, but she decided it was better to leave.

“The New Year should find us in our new lives, where we will miss each other” she said.

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Wwhen Ava awoke, a pair of sappy, wet eyes stared at her. Ava rolled onto her stomach, grimacing as she turned over stony ground. Ava tried to stand and when she straightened her stiff body she realized the eyes that stared at her belonged to a donkey. He was skinny and curious, and edged closer to Ava. Laboriously, Ava reached out for the donkey and scratched his ears.

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Oonce upon a time there was a blue island in the middle of an ocean. It was the island where a blue god, wearing blue birds on his shoulders, came from time to time. There the sea sent its foamy waves to kiss the ankles of this great, good god.

One day, the blue god met a woman, a creature of Earth and tethered to the earth, since she was unable to fly. The god gave her his hand and she sat down next to him, on the blue rock by the edge of the sea. They did not talk to each other; they only swung their legs in the waves, looking at each other, in silence.

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Mmy name is Anna Carlton. I’m almost nineteen, and four years ago, I had an abortion. I think about it all the time.

When my boyfriend and I were sophomores in high school, we had sex. It was the first time for both of us. He said he loved me and would never leave me. I believed him, but he was such a liar!

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Sso it’s been eight months and I am on the scene again! Eight months of sulking and self-pity and now I am ready to play ‘The Game’ – again! I did something that I last did when I was fourteen: I joined the gym.

Actually the gym gave me a three-month trial (maybe they knew) and I graciously (in other words ‘very offendedly’) accepted. I comforted myself with the thought that it is all part of The Plan: new look; new social life and in general, actually, just a life. I have been sitting at home every Friday night for the past eight months, (including New Year’s Eve, when I fell asleep at 17 minutes past eight).

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