Pprimary 3 had been on a nature walk, to study flowers in the small park close by the school building. They were now back in class and now around a table busy painting colourful pictures to go up on the wall of the classroom.

Sarah was pleased with her yellow primrose and it was the first finished picture to be pinned up and admired. Roses painted by Jayne followed and added a deep red and soft pink tone to the wall. Derek stood up with his dull-green and jagged nettle. He had even put in nettle flowers: white ugly blobs at the top.
“I’ve finished mine too,” he grinned
“That ugly stinging nettle isn’t going up on our wall,” said Jayne and everyone at the table thought the same.

They waited for the teacher to tell Derek to have another try. There had been so many colours in the park and the class had seen every one. The borders, in tidy rows, with colours so carefully chosen to give the best display of summer, in the small town park.
“That nettle was in the rubbish dump, and I nearly got stung when I went for a closer look at the primrose,” said Sarah.

The teacher looked at Derek, a new pupil, whose family had just moved from the country to their town. She took his picture and held it up for all to see.
“The nettle is rubbish in the town, but, in the country woods, it feeds and protects the caterpillar grubs, lying on its leaves in spring. You all know that caterpillars become butterflies in the summer. They hover around the leaves of the nettle which grow wild in country woods and give it colour.”

The teacher handed the picture back to Derek saying: “I’ll finish it by painting butterflies all around the nettle.”
When the picture joined the others on the wall, it added a touch of the countryside to the town classroom.

The End
Flowers in a town park by Freda Grieve

Freda Grieve can be contacted at: Torfidag@aol.com