Wwhen I first saw him, he was dressed in a fancy green-turquoise coat with white rims and this  wild, sensual look in his deep blue eyes. He moved with elegance and strength: almost dancing, smooth like a panther. I could not take my eyes of him Рhe hypnotized me. Sometimes I try to copy him but fail childishly. He is so unique. Not only are his looks stunning, but also: his voice, his smile and his stillness. I love everything about him. He is so unpredictable: never boring, yet sincere and true to the bottom of his heart.

He sleeps under the skies, never indoors – he prefers the velvet night and the stars – he is free. I could watch him for hours and listen to his stories, his songs, his poems – he is a true artist and can move you to tears. I feel so small, yet so secure, when I am around him. He draws me into his circle, tempting: hopes arise, fears too – has he noticed me yet?

He brings out the best in me: the feeling me, the dreaming me, the child in me. At night I dream he calls me by my name, pulls me close and holds me safe under his green-turquoise coat, with the white rims. I look in his moon-kissed eyes and lose myself so peacefully: all pain is gone. He takes me by the hand and leads me to a place where I feel safe: where I feel at home, where I feel that I belong. Does he even know of my existence? I watch him so often, but there are so many people around, he could not even see me if he wanted to.

I try to move closer, but a sudden strong breeze throws people back at me. They are chatting, laughing, running. Chats and laughs: they don’t get the importance of what he has told them! He seems angry, and withdraws, just turns his back and walks away: from them, from me. The wind is caught in his long coat, and the white rims dance wildly. Even if I could shout, he would not hear me anymore. The storm steals my words and kidnaps them: off into another direction. I have to be patient – I was so close.

The people are gone now and I sit down on the rock, where he sat before – a rough, shiny rock. Silence around us, makes us one. I feel alone and wait. Wait like a child for its father, a lover for her mate, to return. He always comes back, he never forgets. I know, that if I am patient, he will return – maybe not today, but soon. Rising from the rock, I leave this place of wind-broken surfaces and blow a kiss, before I return to the warmth of my house.

I will be back tomorrow, earlier this time, to meet him alone: just me and him, just me and my love – the ocean.

The End.

Iris H.E. Brandstatter e-mail: irisb2001@usa.net

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