Having felt a sharp pain in my arm, I had decided to move on. I was walking along the High Street, happily looking into shop windows, when suddenly I noticed that our local bully had seen me and was waiting to cross over to apparently confront me. He is not a person to mess with and I had to get away. Now!

Noticing that I had seen him, he called out “Oi! I want you!” I quickened my step and wondered what to do. Then, next to the baker’s shop, I noticed a door that I had not seen before. It was slightly ajar and I quickly decided to go in. The door slammed shut and I was alone in a long, dark tunnel.

As I looked around, my eyes quickly grew accustomed to the gloom. There was a door on the left-hand side, while ahead, in the far distance, bright sunlight was filling what appeared to be the obvious way out. However, as it was nearer, I chose to open the door as I was curious to see what was behind it.

I walked forward and entered a large, circular room. I could not believe my eyes! The vision was in 3D and constantly changing as it slowly moved around me. The scene was of groups of people going about their everyday life. They were in a variety of places, in a variety of countries!

As they slowly passed by, I realised that none of the places or any of the people had I ever seen before. Whole new Ways of Life were being revealed, as the scenes revolved around me. It seemed that I was being given the chance to choose a new lifestyle, walk into it and join new people in a new country perhaps on a new planet!

In a dream, and not knowing why, I had entered a scene which had people smiling as brightly as their sun was shining. Soon I was mixing with the crowd as they made their way through what appeared to be a market square. Although the people and I were dressed in neat, clean clothing it was nothing like the kind that I was used to seeing on the streets of my home town.

The sound of people chatting and the market-traders calling out filled the air. They were all speaking in a language that was unfamiliar to me, but I immediately understood what was being said. I joined in with them and was immediately accepted as if we had all met before. Who had I now become and where was I!

I was told that a boat was coming to take me home and ushered down to a landing-stage on a nearby beach. Soon a medium-sized launch silently arrived. There was nobody aboard it but, as soon as I climbed on, it reversed away, swung around and shot away at high speed. It made no bow-waves and the engine had only a soft gentle hum. In the far distance a thick cauliflower-shaped mist seemed to be floating on the sea.

Within what seemed like seconds the boat had arrived there and, once through the outer layer of the mist, ahead was a small island covered in trees and a large sandy beach. The launch slowed down and gently beached itself.

There was nobody around to greet me, so I made my way up the beach and into the trees that appeared to cover the island. After a while I heard voices and as I peered through the scrubs I saw a group of natives. Their faces were covered, and one, armed with a sharp-looking knife, was cutting into an animal as he gave orders to the others with him! This did not seem like a friendly place!

I closed my eyes to gather my thoughts and think about what to do next. Had I walked into a trap? Was there a way out? I tried to run away but leafy branches had been cleverly placed to conceal a deep hole and I fell in and went down and down until I hit rock bottom.

Once I had recovered my senses, I looked around. I was in a dark void which quickly transformed into a long tunnel with a distant light. I rushed towards the light at the end of the tunnel. It seemed to go on for mile after mile but, as I got closer to the light, it stayed the same size!

I looked around me. The tunnel was getting smaller and closer! I tried to touch the walls but I couldn’t. Why not? I carried on until I finally reached the end and looked out. The scene was of such beauty that I wanted to rub my eyes but I couldn’t.

I was now at the exit of the cave looking into a deep, meandering valley between sheer, shiny-grey cliffs and a clear, fast-running river. Where was I now and how could I stand up in such a small hole?
I looked down at myself. The answer shocked me and I let out a sound that I had never made before. I had become a dove!!

I quickly calmed down, opened my wings and glided into the valley determined to enjoy the pleasure of its beauty but as I traveled through the cool fresh air disaster struck. A large blue bird of prey grabbed at my face with its claws!! In panic as I tried to resist it.

Then a soothing voice said: “Don’t worry, your operation is over. Relax and let me take the oxygen mask off.”

Imagine that! by The Talewagger.


Copyright reserved 2015