Tthere once was a little girl named Katie who had a kitty named Fluffy. Fluffy was a very lovable cat whose hair was long and bushed out in every direction. Katie was six years old and loved Fluffy and thought of him as her best friend in the whole world.

She told bedtime stories to him every night. Stretched out across the bed, Katie told Fluffy stories about anything and everything, as she stroked him from head to tail and Fluffy purred and purred during story-time. Katie’s long ripples of golden-brown hair flopped over one of her rosy cheeks as she snuggled close to Fluffy and she jabbered constantly, until they both fell asleep. Bright sunshine rays shone across Katie’s face and woke her.

Fluffy was nowhere in sight. He had been disappearing for a couple days off-and-on for weeks now. Sometimes, Fluffy would hide under the bed or curl up in an open dresser drawer and even lay in the coolness of the bathtub. He also had the habit of showing up in funny places, but this time he was nowhere to be found. Katie bounced out of bed, slid into her purple slippers that matched her pink and purple gown and raced downstairs. Where was Fluffy?

Katie’s mom, Sandy, told her that he would show up when he wanted to be found, but that didn’t make Katie feel better. Mom and Dad though they’d come up with a plan to take Katie’s mind off Fluffy, so the family drove to Katie’s favorite restaurant for breakfast.

Mom and Dad wore a smile, but Katie wore a sad frown. Katie’s chair faced the window and she saw a stray cat dodging traffic to get across the street. Katie immediately thought about Fluffy: was he safe? Had a car run him over? Or, was he scared and hiding under a bush somewhere. After breakfast, Dad told Katie that he’d go with her to investigate the possibilities, of Fluffy visiting the neighbor’s houses. Katie and Ted, her tall lanky dad went door-to-door asking if anyone had seen Fluffy, but no one had.

That night, after goodnight hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad, Katie knelt beside her bed and prayed, for God to send an angel, to help Fluffy find his way back home. Katie was so tired that she fell asleep within minutes.

Fluffy had been busy, very busy indeed. Fluffy loudly and proudly meowed and meowed right below Katie’s bedroom window. Katie happily bounced out of bed and peered out of her window. There was Fluffy still meowing and peering back at her, as if to announce he was home again. Not only was Fluffy meowing, but also a trail of little meows echoed after him. Not only had Fluffy came home, but five little Fluffys were there, and a beautiful feline calico cat, too!

Fluffy was now a father, and his whole family had followed him home. Katie ran downstairs and opened the door as Fluffy and his family trailed in, right behind him. He ran over and licked his food-bowl clean. Mom and Dad laughed. Mom poured Fluffy, and his family, cat snacks into another large bowl and placed it next to the cleanly-licked bowl.

Katie remembered her prayer and thanked God for sending an Angel, and for giving her even more Fluffys, along with a mother cat, to love and help take care of.

The End

Katie and Fluffy by Cherry Lawrence
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