Ggarry took the new monkey-face gloves he had had for his birthday and put them on. Garry ran downstairs. A bunch of balloons bobbed invitingly in the hall. Yesterday all his friends had come to tea.

One of them had given him the two monkey gloves as a present. The monkeys pulled the string down and chased the balloons in all directions.

“What about picking them up and tidying after the party” called his mum.

Garry pretended not to hear. He wanted to show the monkey faces his toys. He vanished quickly back up the stairs and closed the bedroom door with a firm slam.

“Gran’s coming this afternoon” his mum called up from the hall.

Garry had the monkey gloves over his ears and he pretended not to hear. The monkeys really enjoyed themselves. They had a ride in his truck, they pulled everything out on the floor. The monkeys made the room very untidy. Garry laughed for scattering things about was fun. Tidying up was different.

“Dad’s gone to collect Gran, and just look at your room!” said his mum angrily.

She could hardly push open the door for all the things scattered on the floor.

“Don’t worry, Mum I’ll have it all tidy by the time Gran comes” he grinned.

His mum went down stairs and Garry took a good look at his room. Putting everything back would take hours. He groaned in dismay. Suddenly he had a brilliant idea. It would be simple to hide everything out of sight. Pushed into cupboards and in his bed and under his bed, it wouldn’t be seen. It didn’t take too long and the bedroom door opened easily now. The job was finished just in time. He heard the front door bang and dashed out to see Gran in the front hall smiling up at him.

She held out her arms to him and he ran downstairs.

“Look, Gran see my new monkey-face gloves I had for my birthday.”

Gran took hold of his out stretched hands.

“You have only one monkey face and one empty hand,” she said.

Garry looked and it was true.One monkey was missing and he had been in such a rush that he hadn’t noticed.

“The other must be with my things upstairs” his heart sank.

“Then go and find it. You wont take long” said dad.

“I did the tidy-up in a rush because Gran was coming and it could take ages,” Garry gulped.

“Then we’ll all have a cup of tea while you get busy,” smiled mum.

The tidy-up took ages. Garry had to drag everything out of its quick hiding place before he could begin sorting out the mess. The missing monkey-face had vanished from sight. The brilliant idea didn’t seem so clever after all. Eventually everyone came up to see what was taking him so long. They all joined in the search. The missing monkey-glove finally came to light in a far corner in the cleared space under his bed.

“Look two monkey faces.”

Garry put them on and held out his hands. He began to laugh.

“My bedroom’s really tidy now, thanks to clever monkey tricks.”


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