Iit was Christmas night and all the toys were happy, in the hands of the children who had been given them as presents. The soldier was now guarding the room, the bunny was enjoying the heat of the fire, and the doll was sleeping, wrapped in silk sheets.

Only the teddy bear had been left under the tree, alone, except for a tuneless guitar. The lights of the Christmas tree had been switched off a long time ago and even the brightness of the outside snow was too weak for the tears of the unwanted teddy bear to be seen in the dark room.

He had been waiting for this Christmas for so long! He had dreamed that someone would love him and take him in their arms, and would snuggle him tight against themselves, throughout the dark night. He had dreamed that someone would take him home and that he would reward them by bringing a smile to their lips every morning.

Sadly the magic hour had passed and he was left behind. Now, he was watching the snowfall outside, his head resting against the silent strings of the guitar, hugging himself to keep warm. He softly sang a sad lullaby in order to sleep and to forget that his soul could live only one, magical night, unless love came his way to bring him to life forever. His tearful eyes were watching the loveless night through the window and he saw his soul, a bright star, flying high in the skies, with the angels.

Next morning, the children were amazed to find the teddy bear, forgotten under the Christmas tree, with bright glass eyes and arms reaching out to them, and wondered how it was that they had not seen him the night before. They could not understand why his chest was wet with something warm, as if he had been crying. They did not, and could not, know that the Star of Light, which had given him life in order to wait for love, would never return.

There was nobody to tell them that a whole world dies in a teddy bear’s eyes when he is forgotten, and left alone under the fir tree on Christmas night.

The End
Teddy Bear Christmas by Lonely Shell.