Iihave an electric cart. The model is a Hurricane and, as there was a hurricane called Floyd blowing at the time that I bought it, I called it Floyd. Floyd takes me to talk to my neighbors. It takes me to garage sales all over the town. Floyd is a great companion to me, he has become a friend.

In the dark days before Floyd, I was a prisoner in my own home. In ten years of living in this house, I had never seen my own backyard, except from my covered deck. I had never felt the warmth of the sun on my body; I had never smelled a flower, nor seen my apple tree. Confined for those ten long years, I couldn’t smell the wonderful smells of nature.

Now Floyd takes me into the backyard to pick an apple and, as I eat it, I smell the beautiful flowers that my wife has grown. I can now feel the wonderful warmth of the sun on my body, and I can gab with my neighbors. I have made many friends.

I am free at last.

Thank you Floyd!

The End.

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