Iismile as our GMC Jimmy pulls into the short, paved driveway of my parent’s house. This is a space that my parents made their own without me, over the past years. This is their home.

My home is in Waltham, MA. I love visiting their home for many reasons, but one in particular. I will explain, in my short story, why I hold my parent’s house so special to me. The sight is reassuring. The green grass is perfectly trimmed, as if they cut each blade one at a time, measuring it up to the one cut before (which, take it from me, I would not put past my mom).

The bushes and flowers complement each side of the house. Placed randomly, but attractively, in the middle third of the lawn is an old wagon. This wagon is worn and tattered with wisdom and experience. Atop it sits a statue of a child and although she is made of stone, her youthful eyes show hopes and dreams. The home sits on this realm with pride, as if is honored to have space on such land.

Even though the appearance of this is so pleasing to the eye, it is what is inside that I would like to share with you. Ever since I was young, the house that we shared was never silent. Whether it was the happy screams of a child, the laughter of a story told, or the sods of a sad day. As I got older the chaotic noises changed, just as we all did. I no longer take comfort in the screams, tears, and laughter. I go to my parent’s house for the music. Their house is where the music lives.

Their house is filled with talent at all times. They have introduced this talent to not only me, but my fiancé as well. They have familiarized us with voices that give us goosebumps. We have been shown that music is not just for the ears but for the heart in times of sorrow and contentment. It is natural for a sad song to make you weep, and a lively song to make you dance. Music is comparable to a time-machine. Each song can push you into the past, steady you in the present or hold you from the future, all at the same time. The words of a song can make you feel special, as if each lyric flowing from a singer’s mouth was meant for you, and only you.

Music determines our mood; a slow song can make us long to stay in bed on a Sunday morning with our lover, a bold song prepares us for a hard day ahead. It can build confidence and let the animal escape from the soul. An unforgettable song is one that was playing for our first kiss and re-used for our wedding day. Next time you hear a song, stop, and take a minute. I promise it will remind you of a best friend, a lost love, or a proud day. Music reminds me of my mom and dad. How their house is filled with it. How their hearts are immersed in it. But mostly, how they shared this love with my fiancé and I.

The music of their home is something that I will always cherish. I am at an age now where I am ready to take that hurdle into a new life of marriage and independence. I am confident and grateful that my parents will pass this fondness of music on to my children someday.

So, to the two of you, from the two of us, thank you for the music!

The End

Copyrights reserved by the author Jessica Fabiano.