Tthe essence of humanity is the soul.
Or the soul is the essence of humanity.
When we are born we are closest to the source of our being,
the pool or cloud of essence from which we come.
As children we see the world from a different perspective,
a perspective uninhibited by reason or society’s norms.

Children, to us ‘civilized’ controlled adults, sometimes seem monsters,
and unruly (not ruled).
They have a will of their own and abide by laws of their instincts.
They are truest to their own natures.
They see monsters we do not see, hear noises we cannot hear.

Ask questions we do not understand because our vision,
or hearing, our understanding and the knowledge
of truth has been hidden from us by reason.
Children trust as only nature can prepare us to trust.

They have no intentional malice or bad will,this adults teach them.
They are in tune with the clouds of souls from which they came.
We are all a part of the same pool of essence.
The pool of essence is what binds us together, in moments of intuition, passion, pain.

Those who become overwhelmed with reason, rules and inhibitions,
do not see themselves as they are, only as reason and rules tell them they should be.
Religion inhibits our natural urges and instincts,
saying that it is in praise of a god or by a god’s command.
Actually inhibiting our nature is against god.

God is the essence from which we come
and we are all a part of that essence.
We are more than the sum of our parts, we are the absolute.
To deny that is to degrade it as if it is something unnatural.

There are some whom we label as ‘special’,
genius, mentallly ill, crazy, artistic, or creative,
who through their instincts, may paint a portrait,
write a poem,compose a stanza, scream uncontrollably,
trying to realize the beauty they see
into something the physical self can understand.
The beauty that others are blind to, the essence of humanity.

I love the great outdoors, nature is my thing.
Sharing time with a child making cards from paper, glue, and pen
sharing time on a rainy day to touch a life in a positive way.

By © ’92 SH/CJW/SP