Oonce upon a time there was a blue island in the middle of an ocean. It was the island where a blue god, wearing blue birds on his shoulders, came from time to time. There the sea sent its foamy waves to kiss the ankles of this great, good god.

One day, the blue god met a woman, a creature of Earth and tethered to the earth, since she was unable to fly. The god gave her his hand and she sat down next to him, on the blue rock by the edge of the sea. They did not talk to each other; they only swung their legs in the waves, looking at each other, in silence.

The god experienced something that he had not felt before, something coming from her eyes and from the whispering of her heart, as it beat next to his. It was an unknown feeling even for his divine nature but there it was. He had to give the feeling a name! The god could not call it by any existing name; he had to find one that would not be like any other, unique. This wonderful feeling deserved to have one. It was then that Earth heard, for the first time, the word ‘LOVE’.

After some time, the god had to leave and return to his world, to give the other gods the blessing of the sublime nectar that he had discovered and tell them about love, the only immortal thing greater than their very divine nature. However on the day that he left, his beloved did not come to their meeting place and the god left without saying ‘goodbye’. He was already missing her and he knew that, during the few moments that he would be away, in her world it would be much longer. His only hope was that, upon his return, he would find her again.

It was a sad winter’s day when he came back. The sky was covered with heavy gray clouds and the sea was roaring, smashing against the rocks. The god waited for her at their meeting place on the blue rock but nobody came.

Years, in Earth-time, passed by, yet the blue rock still kept, as a delicate, almost wiped-away memory, the shape of her body. It was a sign that she had continued to come there for a very, long time. Maybe she had still loved him, even after his departure, or maybe she hated him for having deserted her. Maybe she had called him from their rock, praying for the horizon to bring him back to her, or maybe she had forgotten him. Maybe she had cried over him, or maybe she had cursed him. He was never going to find out.

The blue grass was whispering, as from a memory, in the harsh, winter wind. The blue god searched a long time for her. He asked the sky, the earth, the creatures of the forest and of the sea but nothing was known about her. Maybe she had left or maybe she had died. The god always returned to their rock, burdened with sadness and loneliness. He would sit there until late, watching the sea, motionless, looking like a rock, weighed down by all the memories of the Earth. Towards the sunset, the sea became a divine blue color, caused by the tears of the god, crying over his lost love. Perhaps later he left for good, as nobody ever saw him again and no more did the sea become blue towards the sunset, or the blue grass of the rock remember the melancholic shape of his body.

Legend has it though, that on each anniversary of their meeting, he comes down to Earth to throw, from the rock of their love, blue flowers into the sea.

The End

Copyrights reserved by the author, Lonely Shell.