I believe religion should be a personal issue. The practice should not be on the forefront of national or international politics. I am saddened to observe this is not the case. The image of religion has degraded into a means of power and control.

I no longer go to any church service because it now has a tendency to evolve into a promotion of one idea over the other. I talk with my God every day. I enjoy doing this because it is a means of relaxing my mind and thus taking my thoughts away from the madness of our present.

I am told many concepts and ideas of our past are now being radicalized. In my nation a political discussion was based on ideas that would help our society. This election is based on personal assaults and fear. What made me most proud of my country was the election process.

In the past, when one lost an election he or she would concede with a promise to support the winning candidate. This is not the case today. Now we have a candidate that states the only reason for a loss would be that the process is “rigged”. This is a radicalization or our electoral system.This is also a tragic statement coming from a nation whose elections were held in high esteem by the rest of the world. Ronald Reagan once stated the United States was a light on a mountaintop. Comments like this extinguish this light.

One of our candidates goes one step further by making his electoral promises surround the concept of, “Lock her up”. This degrades our electoral system to that of a banana republic or third world dictatorship. In other words, our election system has been radicalized.

Understanding a bit about the Goebbels philosophy of politics that allowed the mad man Adolf Hitler to assume power, I fear that one of the major candidates is using a similar tactic. Goebbels knew a nation needed an enemy within the nation in order to gain power. Goebbels used the Jewish people while one of our candidates use the Muslim religion and immigration.

Goebbels used the concept of Germany first while one of our candidates uses the concept of America first. Goebbels used mass rallies in order to energize Hitler’s supporters by putting them in frenzy. One of our candidates is doing the same.

I’ve been told for most of my life that if a person doesn’t understand history they are condemned to repeat it. The “alt right” movement is proving this. The Nazi movement was given life because the people of Germany desperately needed a change.

The working people of that nation believed the elite were abusing them. The “alt right” is now using this same wide brush to attempt to secure power in the most powerful nation of the world. I now fear for my country and my faith. Many have asked why I combine the politics of my nation to my religion.

I answer by stating how could you not. How can any religious institution support anyone whose basic philosophy is one of xenophobia and Islamophobia? People of Evangelical faith are actually supporting this concept by verifying this candidate.

They are promoting a concept of hate and are talking their congregations into a movement that would have us repeat the mistakes of our past. Pope Pius XII exemplifies past failures of our religious establishments. During the Nazi domination of Europe he maintained a public front of indifference and remained silent while German atrocities were committed.

I believe religion should be a personal issue. The practice should not be on the forefront of national or international politics. The image of religion has degraded into a means of power and fear. I can no longer be part of any religious community in fear history will repeat itself with exponentially disastrous results.

As to still believing in God; how could one not believe in the only truth left to believe in?
The End.

The world my grand kids are destined to inherit. By Jim Fabiano, a retired teacher and writer living in York, Maine.