My wife and I have always been involved in Presidential politics. We’ve been married for over four decades and our political lives have always been intertwined.

We were against the war in VietNam and joined protests all across the State of Massachusetts. We had no use for Nixon and his Southeast Asian policies but had some breathing room when it came to his domestic and China concepts. He did open China up to the rest of the world without going to war.

President Ford came after the Nixon resignation and did cause some stir when he pardoned Nixon. Yet, during his short time in the Oval Office people were allowed to live and try to better their lives.

The next campaign gave us Jimmy Carter whose campaign and Presidency was basically quite boring with the exception of Iran. Ronald Reagan followed and did cause quite a stir throughout the nation with his economic policies.

He was another candidate we did not support but did not fight against after both of his elections. For after all, he did win and he did an exceptional job uniting the country. He stopped campaigning after he was elected and opted to run the country.

The first President Bush came into power. We did not support him but his campaign was respectful to all thoughts and ideas. In fact, his presidency was also based on policy instead of politics. I assume he learned a lot from President Reagan.

He had a bit of trouble with the scanner used in grocery stores and won a quick war with Iraq. The nation came together as one during his time because he represented the country instead of simply representing himself.

President Bill Clinton followed with my wife and I being thrilled a young man with young ideas was about to take office. The economy was good and everyone seemed optimistic about their future and the futures of their children.

We actually thought his election could be a repeat of the Camelot emotions of times gone by. This was shattered by his inability to keep his zipper up and the long tedious strain of impeachment hearings began. Camelot died but the election campaign did go away.

President George W. Bush won the next election. At least this is what the United States Supreme Court said. The country was on the brink of civil crisis until his opponent Al Gore spoke to the nation and told them to back the presidency and unite as we always have before.

Our nation is famous across the world because of our democracy. As President Reagan stated, “We are the shining light on the mountain overlooking the world”.

The second President Bush started off in a weak position. He did not continue the campaign. He did not rip open the wounds of his campaign. He started to govern even though many thought he did not have the capacity to skillfully manage our government.

Then September 11 happened. Our nation was unified in disbelief and sadness over what happened in New York. President Bush did not blame anyone.

He told the world in the debris of the towers standing next to a fire fighter that the world would soon see how a great nation responds to a great tragedy. Of course, history proves that he went too far.

Our first Afro-American President came next. President Obama unified a war-exhausted nation with plans to end what he did not start. He promised to bring us back from an economy that was on the brink of Depression.

He also ended the campaign and began to govern. He was known as “no drama Obama”. His eight years brought some prosperity but left too many of our citizens out.

Then came the Presidency of Donald Trump. Everyone in our nation knows he won the election. His Populist views represented the frustration of a government that seemed to only help the few.

His concepts during his campaign were abrupt and angry. I believe the personality of our nation was abrupt and angry. But, the campaign is over. I have never experienced an ever-campaign filled with rallies expounding hatred toward everyone from the media to our Congress.

I, and many like me, am pleading with you to end this insanity and start to govern. Also stop blaming everyone except yourself for the problems you encounter. You are the President. Presidents take responsibility.

My wife and I have always been involved in Presidential politics. We are now tired and want this campaigning and division of our nation to end. We want to go back to our lives that are represented by family and friends.

You were elected President of the United States to govern. Do your job.
The End.
Will this campaign ever end? by James G. Fabiano.
Jim Fabiano is a retired teacher and writer living in York, Maine USA
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